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Christopher Daniels Discusses AEW TV Return

Christopher Daniels is considered a legend of the ring and that’s for very good reason. He started way back in the nineties and since then has made stops in just about every major promotion including WWE (WWF at the time) and WCW, and he made a name for himself, and one that stands out on any list. He is one of the only few pro wrestlers to still be doing it in his fifties and that’s because despite a few injuries along the way, he has kept in very good shape.

The last time he was seen on AEW TV was back in May when he and Kaz were defeated by the Young Bucks…the loss ultimately severing their union as a tag team, as that was the stipulation that was set for that night’s match against the Bucks—their tag team on the line.

via AEW /YouTube

He has since been seen on Impact—a place he helped build—and since that time has been working in his role as Head of Talent Relations backstage at AEW.

He has stated though, that despite the ending of he and Kaz’s union as SCU, he’s still thinking of making a return to AEW TV in some in-ring capacity. Here’s some of what he said on that front while speaking to Chris Van Vliet:

“…The landscape with AEW is in constant flux; additions, subtractions, it’s just a crowded field right now but hopefully, I can make my way back there. There is no real timetable as to when that might be so I’m sort of at the mercy of circumstance…

I feel excited to try and be ready to wrestle…It all depends on the situation. I’m readying myself for these Independent shows and I’m also readying myself to get the call from Tony [Khan] like, ‘Hey here’s what we want to do when you come back.’ I’m in a difficult position at this point because I’m sort of unsure what the future holds for me…

A lot of it is just me being prepared and trying to get as good as I can get at this age and still trying to be relevant. It’s a tough lane to stay in, for me.”

via Christopher Daniels, Speaking w/ Chris Van Vliet / (Transcription)

And because of the injury he sustained in the match against the Bucks—the aforementioned one back in May—the white of his eye is still severely darkly discolored. He had a few things to say on that as well:

“It’s more cosmetic than anything…I’ve been checked a couple of times, the vision is fine. It’s just gnarly looking. When I talked to the doctor about it, he said this can happen on occasion; hemorrhages just don’t drain or heal. It doesn’t have anything to do with the iris itself; it’s just the white of the eye that is sort of discolored…

It could dry up in a week or it could be like this for awhile, I have no idea. This is the first time it’s ever stuck with me. I’ve had this injury before, not this eye, but I’ve had hemorrhages before from black eyes and things like that, but for some reason, this one is just sticking.”

via Christopher Daniels, Speaking w/ Chris Van Vliet / (Transcription)
via CVV CLIPS /YouTube

In the end, Christopher Daniels back in any ring is reason to celebrate, but to see him back on the AEW platform which has been delivering incredible matches for years now, and with the acquisitions of talent and rumored acquisitions happening in AEW…to see him in the ring again would be special indeed.

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