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CM Punk Continues To Tease Daniel Bryan Signing With AEW

Newly-signed AEW Star CM Punk recently appeared on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, where Punk talked about his return to pro wrestling in AEW and how he can’t just face anyone immediately such as the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega because AEW has a win-loss record, which the promotion follows and is the basis of their rankings and structure.

Punk also talked about how he wants to face several opponents such as Jon Moxley and the Young Bucks, while also teasing once again the arrival of Daniel Bryan in AEW as he would want to do a CM Punk and the American Dragon vs. Young Bucks Match.

This is what CM Punk said:

“It’s a lame answer but it’s everybody. It really is.” “I think the way AEW’s structured, CM Punk couldn’t come in and immediately start wrestling Kenny Omega. They have wins and loss records. I’m on the fence about it. I get it, but it’s hard to maintain simply because they have the YouTube shows I think, which I think the majority of the records, their matches and stuff (come from). It kind of reminds me of Goldberg in WCW where one Nitro he’d be 10-0, and then on the next Nitro he’d be like 25-0. And I’d be like ‘wait a second, this guy wrestled twice a day for a week? What is going on?’”

“But yeah I want to wrestle Jon, I’ve never wrestled Jon Moxley. I want to wrestle the Young Bucks, but I’ve got to find the right tag partner for that. I mean if we’re fantasy booking, when does this come out? Saturday? Okay. I don’t think it’s necessarily giving away spoilers. It’s just me putting my booker hat on. Of all the possibilities, I’d do CM Punk and the American Dragon vs. The Young Bucks. It’s so obvious, that’s what you do.”

Punk also talked about how he wants to do Trios Matches, with him, Darby and Sting vs. The Lucha Bros and Fuego Del Sol.

This is what CM Punk said:

“I want to do really crazy trios matches, like me, Darby and Sting vs. The Lucha Bros and Fuego Del Sol.” “Make it real weird booking generator of like WCW Saturday Night, where Scott Armstrong would tag with Silver King and you’d be like ‘f**k yeah, let’s go.’ Miro is a different dude. He beat me up in my last match in the Royal Rumble, that’s when he debuted. That was his debut. I remember grabbing him and being like ‘alright man, you’re debuting. What do you want to do?’ He was like ‘I don’t know. I’ll get you in the corner and I’ll beat you up.’ I was like ‘no man. I’m the biggest name in the ring. You’ve got to hit me with some big stuff.’ And he was like ‘oh really?’ I was like ‘yeah. Have your moment.’ He started, I left and now we’ve both gone somewhere new. He’s like a different guy.”

Punk then talked about how even though talents don’t have full creative control over their characters in the company, they still have a lot of input of what they want to see on television and AEW CEO and President Tony Khan takes it into consideration and does what’s best for the talent.

This is what CM Punk said:

“Based on my experience thus far, I don’t think guys are doing whatever they want, but everybody certainly some sort of an input and everybody certainly has a direct line to Tony. And he’s the guy who says yes or no.” “I think a guy like me, Christian, maybe a guy like Daniel Bryan if, if (he comes in), I think lead by example is the key there. I think it’s not ‘hey guys, this is way to do it,’ it’s ‘hey guys, there’s no one way to do it. But in my experience, I think maybe this could be the best way to do it. But what do you think?’”

“It’s how I handled it with Sting. Because there’s definitely a respect and I’m not going to tell Sting ‘hey this is what I think.’ We literally sat there back and forth going ‘what do you think?’ ‘No what do you think?’ ‘No you tell me.’ ‘No you tell me.’ ‘Oh, that’s a really good idea!’ And it grows from there.”

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