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CM Punk/Jack Perry Fight Erupts Backstage At AEW’s All In—Both Men Suspended…Investigation To Follow

Just when it seemed like the drama over the All Out media scrum from last year was over, another altercation occurred this year at the All In event in London this past Sunday, and unfortunately it involved a major player in last year’s occurrence, CM Punk.

In professional wrestling, the fights we see are scripted, but over the years some of that tension bleeds out to the back, so to speak, in the locker room, and real issues come up between performers. We saw this in the past many times. Famous real-life feuds we can bring up here are of course Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, Danielson and The Miz and a few others.

But in AEW, it seems like backstage altercations are happening more and more and last year’s drama between CM Punk and the Elite was just the tip of the iceberg.

CM Punk has had a tough year since the events just spoken about, and an entire show was created for him to headline—AEW’s Collision—and all of this was to separate the roster, essentially with those willing to work with Punk on one side, and those unwilling to work on the other.

But it seems now that there are issues even with that segregation in place. It has been reported that an issue erupted over the last few weeks between Jack Perry and CM Punk. Perry reportedly wanted to use real glass in a spot, but the idea was reportedly shut down by the veteran legend, Punk.

-via Cultaholic Wrestling on YouTube

Apparently, Perry did not appreciate this and the ensuing way it made him look in public, according to a piece at PW Torch, and rumors started to run rampant backstage.

His unhappiness was further showcased this past Sunday at All In, where on camera and during Perry’s match with Hook during the All In Zero Hour preshow, he made a point to comment on the issues between he and Punk, knocking on the windshield of a car used in a spot in his match with Hook, he stating: “It’s real glass! Cry me a river…” He then proceeded to go through the windshield of said car with Hook in tow.

But the drama did not stop there, as a reported altercation between the two men occurred backstage before Punk was to start his match with Samoa Joe (they opened the official show). Perry reportedly went up to him, and started the altercation, according to the above-mentioned report at PW Torch (link above), and it ended with Punk placing Perry in a choke hold.

Both men have since apparently been suspended by AEW and Tony Khan addressed the issue, stating that yes, an incident had occurred, but didn’t name names, but said an investigation would ensue.

“Yes there was an incident backstage before we went live on tonight’s show. We are investigating it and before I learn more about what happened, I can’t really address it at this time, so I can’t comment, but I did want to be honest with you and tell you that it is the case.”

-via (transcription)

Now, the internet is of course running rampant with rumors, including one that has CM Punk stating that he is extremely unhappy at AEW and the current state of the locker room.

There have even been reports that suggest he wants to leave the company and that both men will be missing All Out, the company’s next PPV event. Of note here is also the way that CM Punk ended his match with Joe…he said goodbye. Is there something in there? Perhaps.

If that is an official sentiment of his and if he really intends to leave the company remains to be seen and/or made official. We’ll have more for you as it develops, dear readers.

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