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CM Punk’s Legal Representation Following AEW Backstage Incident

Recent accounts have shed light on a notorious backstage incident in AEW history involving prominent wrestling figures CM Punk and Ace Steel. Known in the wrestling community as “Brawl Out,” the clash occurred after All Out 2022, featuring a reported altercation between Punk, Steel, and AEW stars Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks.

Ace Steel, who shares a tight bond with CM Punk, likened their relationship to family and disclosed the involvement of attorney Stephen P. New, who provided legal representation throughout the situation. Similarly, New confirmed his role in the events via a social media post, where he expressed his pride in his clients and a belief in their character, implying that the professional connection had evolved beyond mere attorney-client ties into something more akin to kinship.

Reportedly released by AEW in the aftermath of ‘Brawl Out,’ Steel went on to work in Impact Wrestling behind the scenes. Punk, on the other hand, found his way back to WWE after a period of hiatus that ended with his June 2023 resurgence on AEW Collision. His return, however, was short-lived as another incident, this time with Jack Perry, led to Punk’s firing from AEW.

Notably, Stephen P. New’s reputation in the wrestling world extends well beyond the Brawl Out scenario. He has long been associated with Jim Cornette, offering legal counsel to the renowned wrestling personality. Moreover, his expertise has been recognized in wrestling trademark disputes, representing legendary tag teams such as the Rock N Roll and Midnight Express.

In the world of pro wrestling, where dramatic storylines often spill over into real-life events, the saga surrounding CM Punk, Ace Steel, and their legal battles serves as a reminder of the complexities and fervent relationships that drive the industry. The outcomes of these backstage dynamics continue to redefine careers and reshape the wrestling landscape.

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