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Cody Receives Ten Lashes From MJF On Wednesday’s Dynamite

This past Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite saw “The American Nightmare” Cody receive ten lashes from MJF as part of MJF’s stipulations prior to them meeting in a Singles Match at AEW’s Revolution PPV Event, which is set to take place on Saturday, February 29th from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Below is a recap of what happened in the segment:

MJF made his entrance first, accompanied by Wardlow as always. Cody Rhodes would then make his entrance next. MJF would then grab a microphone and say that his belt is too nice for this, which is why he wants Cody’s belt. Cody doesn’t like it, but hands it over. MJF then first lashes Cody over his shoulder. The Butcher, The Blade, Kip Sabian, The Bunny, Britt Baker and Sammy Guevara would then all come out to the stage to watch. MJF then cracks him again and Cody gets in his face. MJF then tells Cody to hit him, but he doesn’t. MJF then hits Cody for a third time and Cody goes down to the mat for a moment.

Arn Anderson would then make his way down to the ring to encourage Cody Rhodes to get up. MJF would then yell at Arn, “You can’t help him, old man!” MJF would then nail Cody with a fourth shot on the arm. Cody would then go down and then get back up again for the fifth shot, which lands right in the middle of the back. MJF would then yell at Cody to quit. Dustin Rhodes would then make his way down to the ring. He would then actually get inside and say something to MJF, but Wardlow would get in his way. Dustin would then say that he will take the other five lashes. MJF would then say that is not how this works, it has to be Cody. MJF would then tell Dustin to get out and watch, like everybody else.

The sixth and seventh lashes were quick ones and Cody would fall down to the mat as Dustin cheered him on. The Young Bucks would then head out to the ring as MJF yelled at Cody to quit. The Young Bucks would then encourage Cody a bit as he rolled out of the ring. Cody would then gear back up for the next shot. MJF would then hit the next one right in the middle of the ring. MJF would then yell, “stay down, b—-!” at Cody. Cody would then signal that he has two more, then gives MJF the middle finger. Wardlow would then ask MJF to do the ninth shot. MJF would then hand over the belt and Wardlow would hit Cody with the hardest shot of them all.

Brandi Rhodes would then walk out to the ring and hold Cody’s hand. Cody would then say that he has one more shot as he kissed her hand. Cody is tearing up and he stood up for the final shot. MJF would hit Cody in the chest for the final shot. MJF then seemed mad that Cody actually made it through all ten lashes. After all ten lashes was completed, Cody’s supporters would then get in the ring to help Cody. MJF would then kick Cody between the legs and MJF as well as Wardlow would run out through the crowd as the AEW roster would run to the ring. It looked like a fan may have tried to get to MJF, but MJF, Wardlow and security threw some punches and held him down as the show came to a close.

You can check out the posts below of what happened in the segment as well as what Cody Rhodes’ back looked like after the segment:

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