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Cody Rhodes on his place in Pro Wrestling & Has it Changed?—Cody’s Covid-19 Update—Mickie James in the Royal Rumble?!

Cody Rhodes has unfortunately suffered quite the decline in the eyes of certain pro wrestling fans. Right off the bat, I’d like to make clear that he hasn’t suffered a decline in my eyes. I think we have him to thank for AEW as much as we have Tony Khan to thank for giving us an alternative to the promotions we had, or were sometimes stuck with, for over 15 years.

Cody’s already a legend in my eyes, and like John Cena before him, I feel the world could use more heroes that refuse to bend and waver in their conviction. But my opinions aside, there are those that have grown frustrated with his direction. He was set to face Sammy Guevara at Battle Of The Belts, but unfortunately has been sidelined due to Covid-19. We have an update on that later in this piece, so read on.

via Noah Fortner /YouTube

But first, Cody recently had some things to say about how he viewed his position in pro wrestling. It was while he was speaking to Wrestling Inc Daily that he said:

“It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg situation. What’s happening right now is jarring in a really beautiful way for me…Looking back three years ago when I felt like a freakin’ wrestling messiah in terms of these reactions and the old school babyface I was presented as. Now when we have these situations where I’m not everyone’s favorite, and there is a large part of the audience that want to see me lose. That makes for really compelling television…

As far as wrestling is concerned with what is happening, I’m really am the luckiest man on this roster. I’ve done a lot of hard work and am quick to let people know that. But a lot of this has to do with fate and timing. Yeah, I want to see where it goes. We’re not going to take people on the route they’ve already gone on. I can tell you that. I do want to see where this goes.”

via Wrestling Inc Daily

So he doesn’t at all seem to be deterred with what’s been happening. He is a pro, and like Cena he doesn’t at all blame the audience one way or the other.

Cody Rhodes Covid-19 update

In terms of his recent Covid-19 test, there is an update on that as well. He was replaced by his brother, Dustin, in the match for the TNT title at Battle Of The Belts, Dustin facing Guevara in Cody’s stead. That is a tricky situation in and of itself, but that’s the decision that AEW has made moving forward. There has been an update on Cody’s situation. Cody recently stated via his own Instagram account:

“I appreciate everybody reaching out. Brandi and I are in isolation with family that have unfortunately tested positive for Covid. It’s been a scary time dealing with such a strong virus and the complications that can come with it. We are doing all we can to nurse and protect the family during this time. I will remain in quarantine as long as needed…

Every day is more encouraging…Thank you immensely for your support and respect for our privacy. Thank you to AEW for understanding and allowing me to be where I am needed today, and for still allowing the TNT Title to be represented. I look forward to being back soon. All the love in the world!”

via Cody Rhodes on Instagram

Mickie James in the Royal Rumble?!

The women’s Royal Rumble match for WWE was in question going into the New Year. WWE had released so many female wrestlers over the course of 2020 and 2021, even Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer questioned their ability to get 30 women to participate in the match.

Those questions were answered during SmackDown last night when an announcement was made stating that there would be many legends returning. Legends like The Bella Twins, Lita, and Mickie James!? (Others were also announced.)

James of course is the current Knockouts champion and tonight she will be facing Deonna Purrazzo for the championship at Hard To Kill in a Texas Death Match. If she wins, that could potentially mean that she will be entering the Rumble as Knockouts Champion.

via WWE /YouTube

The announcement left many scratching their heads for good reason. Especially considering how she was released from the company and how her belongings were sent to her…in a trash bag after said release from employment! All of this is now a shock to say the least.

Regardless, the deal was legitimate and confirmed by the likes of Scott D’Amore, Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling, and he had this to say on the matter, according to PW Insider:

“WWE wanted it, Mickie wanted it and IMPACT Wrestling’s philosophy is always to work with other major promotions to create buzz for the fans. Everything is signed and agreed with WWE and IMPACT Wrestling…the only question is whether or not Mickie will enter one of WWE’s most historic annual matches as the reigning Knockouts World Champion.”

via PW Insider

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