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DDP Says He Will Not Open Gym Even If Georgia Lifts Lockdown

All Elite Wrestling Star Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) was recently interviewed by TMZ Sports on a number of topics including Georgia State Governor Brian Kemp reopening the businesses in the state this past Friday following a 30-day lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to DDP, he will not be reopening his personal gym, explaining that he wants to be on the side of caution rather than rushing back into things.

This is what DDP said:

“I think Governor Kemp is a good man. I’ve met him personally and I voted for him. I think he’s trying to get people back to work, but me personally…I’ve got one of those gyms where I train people. Personally I’m airing on the side of caution. I’m not going to do it. But if it works for other people then let them do it. For me personally it won’t work, but for other people…I know the Governor is under a lot of pressure to get the people out and get them working.”

DDP then talked about living his life on the side of caution and advising his close family and friends to do the same and remain under quarantine until this whole situation is over, which could be within the next 30 days or so.

This is what DDP said:

“Yes. And again…this is how I live my life. I air on the side of caution. Right now I don’t know enough about this. I think that no matter what…we’ll know if this works or not in the next 30 days.”

DDP then talked about whether or not the state of Georgia has to once again go on a second lockdown if the virus comes back in a second wave and how devastating it is going to be.

This is what DDP said:

“If that happens…then that’s going to be devastating. Hopefully they’re going to find some sort of vaccination for this, which is probably going to take a year.”

You can check out DDP’s full comments in the video below:

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