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Eric Bischoff Critiques Tony Khan’s Management of ROH and Its Impact on AEW

In the world of professional wrestling, business decisions can have far-reaching effects, and the strategic choices of promotion owners are always under scrutiny. Former WCW President and wrestling veteran Eric Bischoff has recently voiced his concerns over Tony Khan’s dual management of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Ring of Honor (ROH), following Khan’s purchase of ROH last year.

Bischoff, speaking on his podcast “83 Weeks,” expressed a blunt perspective about the future of ROH under Khan’s leadership. I think it was a bad decision to buy Ring of Honor in the first place, and there’s nothing anybody’s going to do to make it interesting or important to anyone outside of the hardest of hardcore internet wrestling community fans,” Bischoff stated. He went as far as to compare ROH to a horse that should be put down, suggesting that the investment in ROH was squandered and could be better utilized if refocused on AEW’s core product, Dynamite.

Diving deeper into his analysis, Bischoff argued that ROH is serving as a “giant freaking parasite” on the AEW brand. His apprehension revolves around the notion that by investing time and resources into ROH, AEW’s potential growth could be stifled, ultimately harming the flagship brand. Bischoff believes that prioritizing AEW and consolidating resources would be a more favorable strategy for Tony Khan’s wrestling empire.

Bischoff is not alone in his skepticism regarding Khan’s commitment to reviving ROH. AAA head booker Konnan has also shared his viewpoint, suggesting that Khan might be allowing sentimentality to cloud his business judgment. The wrestling community has often debated the impact of nostalgia and personal passion on the business decisions in the industry, and Khan’s attachment to ROH appears to be the latest example.

The wrestling industry has always been a complex mix of passion and business. As Tony Khan navigates the challenges of managing two distinct brands, the scrutiny from industry experts like Eric Bischoff and Konnan serves as a reminder that every strategic move will be closely watched and critiqued by those who have themselves walked in the shoes of running a wrestling promotion. Only time will tell if Khan’s investment in ROH will prove to be a strategic misstep or an unexpected success in the dynamic world of professional wrestling.

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