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Eric Bischoff On Possibly Working For AEW, Cody Rhodes, More

One of the most controversial personalities in all of pro wrestling and a former owner of WCW as well as a former talent in WWE, Eric Bischoff, was recently a guest on the After 83 Weeks podcast with Christy Olson to talk about a number of topics. Including whether or not he hesitated to sit down with AEW President and CEO Tony Khan after his recent criticism of WCW, Cody Rhodes’ future, and more.

Below are the highlights from Eric Bischoff’s recent 83 weeks podcast:

On whether or not he hesitated to sit down with AEW President and CEO Tony Khan after his recent criticism of WCW:

“When Conrad [Thompson] reached out to me I said, hell yeah. Why not?! No harm, no foul. It will be fun. And it was fun. But that’s the extent of it. There’s nothing going on behind the scenes or anything like that.”

On how his interview with Tony Khan changed his opinion of AEW:

“They are far more likely to be successful than I possibly would’ve given them credit for being, had I not had the opportunity to hear directly from Tony. [It was] not to hear from him and realize how smart he was. There was never any question of that. But hearing his real, genuine passion for the business probably impressed me more than anything.”

On if he expects AEW to offer him a position:

“I sincerely doubt it. I don’t know what they would need me for. They’ve got a good team. They’re doing great. Tony’s having a blast producing the show. He’s surrounded by a lot of really talented people.”

On whether or not he and Tony Khan stayed in touch:

“I haven’t talked to Tony since. I don’t expect I will anytime in the near future unless we happen to cross paths, which is very unlikely. No, we just had a conversation.”

On his thoughts of the TNT Championship Match between Cody Rhodes and Sonny Kiss:

“I guess because of the quality of work that I had seen him do [I felt] that [Sonny] deserves a shot and stands a good chance of coming out on top. It didn’t work out that way, but I loved the match. I loved the finish.”

On Cody Rhodes’ future:

“I think Cody is probably nearing his peak. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Cody Rhodes yet. I think we’ll get to see Cody evolve as he matures and gains more experience and has more people to work with.”

You can check out Eric Bischoff’s comments in the video below:

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