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Ethan Page Details Pre-ROH Final Battle Physique Enhancements

3 Key Points:

  • Ethan Page critiques and adjusts his physique following match with Kenny Omega.
  • Increased carbohydrate intake for strength and dominance in ROH “I Quit” match.
  • Page emphasizes the importance of diet control in professional wrestling.

Ethan Page Reflects on Physical Conditioning for ROH Event

Ethan Page of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) recently shared insights into the physical modifications he implemented before grappling Tony Nese at ROH Final Battle. After reevaluating his appearance in a bout against Kenny Omega, Page felt compelled to make adjustments to ensure he brought a more formidable presence into the ring.

Strategic Dietary Changes Ahead of “I Quit” Match

In the media session following ROH Final Battle, Page divulged the specifics of his preparation, notably his dietary tweaks. “After watching my match with Kenny [Omega], I wasn’t happy with how I presented physically. I seemed less robust than I preferred,” Page conveyed. To address this, he intensified his carb intake, which, despite its bloating effects, endowed him with a sense of heightened power and control within the squared circle.

Pro Wrestling’s Dietary Discipline

A devout advocate for dietary management, Page emphasized the significance of this aspect in his wrestling profession. His meticulous focus on nutrition paid off as he convincingly triumphed over Nese at the event on December 15, marking a strong close to ROH’s pay-per-view calendar for the year. This attention to physiological detail demonstrates Page’s commitment to continually refining his performance for every in-ring encounter.

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