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Former AEW Star Fuego Del Sol Reflects on Tony Khan and CM Punk Relationships

In a recent turn of events, former AEW star, Fuego Del Sol, opened up about his journey and interactions with prominent personalities in the wrestling industry, particularly Tony Khan, the company owner, and the welterweight, CM Punk.

Fuego Del Sol, who announced his departure from AEW back in June 2023, shared his thoughts on Khan, commending him for his work ethic and kindness, amidst his multi-faceted involvement in football and wrestling. “Very kind man. Always very kind to me. Incredibly busy. I don’t know how he works this hard,” Fuego reflected.

Between managing the Fulham Football Club in the UK, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and AEW, the man is certainly commendable for his tireless dedication, in Fuego Del Sol’s opinion. The former AEW star also acknowledged Khan’s knack for balancing significant names, egos, ideas while decisively determining what gets TV time and what doesn’t.

Despite his exit from AEW, Fuego didn’t shy from extending his heartfelt gratitude toward Khan’s immeasurable efforts in revolutionizing the pro-wrestling scene. He stated that even though he didn’t secure a permanent slot in AEW, that couldn’t change Khan’s instrumental role in transforming wrestling and diversifying platforms that invest majorly in professional wrestling.

Separately, in his tell-all YouTube video, Fuego also confessed about his bond with CM Punk, who was among the wrestlers who reached out to him following his release which signifies the supportive culture within the business.

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