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FTR To Face Briscoes At ROH Supercard Of Honor—Tony Khan Talks ROH Plans Moving Forward

Ring Of Honor Wrestling has been in the news a lot as of late. That certainly has a lot to do with the fact that the promotion was purchased by Tony Khan, founder, CEO and president of AEW, after months of having its future in question.

For true blue wrestling fans, ROH isn’t an indie promotion. It was a lot more than just that; it was the company where so many beloved pro wrestlers got their start and even cut their proverbial teeth in the industry. Stars like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Eddie Kingston, Seth Rollins…really the list goes on and on from there and if I list any more, I’m bound to miss other important pro wrestlers and really, I don’t want to do that, as their respective periods in ROH were extremely significant.

via ROH /YouTube

Obviously Tony Khan also believes that to his core, which perhaps helps us understand why he purchased the promotion in the first place.

And really, did they deserve the fate they were dealt—ROH? No, they didn’t, and as stated, Tony Khan feels the same way, quite obviously. It was while he was on Busted Open Radio that Khan decided to let one and all know what his plans were moving forward.

He has been rather silent on the topic since the announcement of the purchase was made on Dynamite a few weeks back, but now he talks about his plans moving forward to some degree:

“I will relaunch what I hope to be a really great new Ring Of Honor television product, a weekly series, wherever it does air or stream.”

via Tony Khan on Busted Open Radio / (Transcription)

ROH in Canada aired on The Fight Network. ROH Classics was a program that also aired on said network. As of this writing the latter is still airing, but what the exact plans for the weekly episode are unclear even after these statements. Yet the fact that he promises that something is coming is enough for now, I guess.

In the US, it ran on Sinclair Stations as of 2011 and as of 2022, Wikipedia claims that the new ROH will be airing on TruTV, a division of WarnerMedia, which makes sense for obvious reasons. No news yet where it will air in Canada.

So yeah, a lot is still left up in the air so to speak, but plans seem to be moving forward, and with Supercard of Honor on the horizon, who knows what kind of surprises are in store for ROH and AEW fans.

What is clear is that Khan intends to have ROH remain as what it was: A platform where championships can be contested, stars can be made, and wrestlers can attain that respect and honor that comes along with pro wrestling in an ROH ring. The word ‘Sacred’ comes to mind. The term ‘Hallowed Ground’ comes to mind, too.

FTR set to face the Briscoes at Supercard Of Honor

FTR have seemingly changed over the last few weeks. Starting with a Tweet that Dax Harwood sent out a few weeks back talking about legacy and the importance of it in the sport of professional wrestling, to the firing of the legendary Tully Blanchard as their manager at their own hands…to the hints that perhaps a legendary ‘Sharpshooter’ from the Golden and Attitude Era of pro wrestling is set to return to take Blanchard’s place….

Indeed there are loads of directions for this epic tag team in AEW. Many enticing questions can be thought of and possible angles hypothesized: Who will Tully manage now that he’s unemployed, for lack of a better term? Perhaps someone to go against the likes of his former employers…. And if Bret Hart does come in to manage FTR, that can be rich in terms of entertainment for sure.

But FTR has been keeping themselves busy. They are of course the AAA World Tag Team champs and now, they’re set to go one-on-one, or rather two-on-two, with the likes of the ROH World Tag Team champs themselves, The Briscoes.

Truthfully, they have a good chance of taking those titles, as Tony Khan owns ROH and the Briscoes reportedly won’t be coming to AEW anytime soon according to reports…so, who knows?

The rest of the card looks interesting too…

It’s set to go down on Friday April 1st at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas; Jonathan Gresham, the ROH Original World Champion is set to face the ROH World Champion, Bandido. Swerve Strickland will be going one-on-one with Alex Zayne, and Joe Hendry and Ninja Mack will be involved as well. There’s certainly more to come as far as the full card is concerned, and we’ll keep you posted, dear readers.

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