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Purrazzo On The Future Of Her ROH Title & Possible Opponents Despite Uncertainties

It was back in January that Deonna Purrazzo would defeat Rok-C, the former ROH Women’s World Champion. The fight took place on Impact when the future of Ring Of Honor Wrestling was of course still in question.

Since then, many things have occurred: Rok-C has signed on with WWE and is a new signee to the Performance Center, which is sad for so many other reasons….

Why WWE feels the need to have everyone have that cookie-cutter system of wrestling where everyone is the same and uniform is beyond me; especially in this day and age of diversity.

How many times do wrestlers have to be dropped on their heads over there before they realize that something’s wrong with their system. It isn’t foolproof as the recent incident with Big E proves…. So why they’d take a champion such as Rok-C and decide she needs to go through the aforementioned system is beyond me. It calls to mind the sentiments I had when Samoa Joe started on NXT instead of the main roster in WWE despite all he’d done in pro wrestling previously.

Anyways, rant over for now, I guess.

via Impact Wrestling /YouTube

And the other thing that’s changed since Purrazzo won the ROH title is: The company changed hands, as Tony Khan purchased the legendary promotion.

This is of course old news for now, but a lot of questions have been raised…like primarily, what will come of the ROH title? Will Purrazzo defend it at Supercard Of Honor, and perhaps lose it, and perhaps most glaring of all…to whom?

She had a chance to weigh in on all of these questions and made some pretty interesting statements at the same time regarding her future with that title. Here’s some of what she had to say while speaking to Muscle Man Malcolm:

“Oh, I’d love to defend it against Britt Baker. But there’s also a lot of other women in AEW that you know, and obviously, I don’t know what’s to come of my relationship with Ring of Honor and Tony buying Ring of Honor and I just don’t know, there’s a lot of unanswered questions for everyone right now, and everything’s just a little bit up in the air…

But I would love to be at Supercard Of Honor, if I’m asked to be I will be there 100% defending my Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship. But yeah, it’s Britt. We’ve talked about that for years. It feels like now but there’s such a plethora of women’s talent there that I think really could be showcased better and more…

I’d love to wrestle Kris Statlander. I’d love to wrestle Leyla Hirsch. I’d love to wrestle Red Velvet. There are so many women there that would-be first-time matchups for me and potential dream matches.”

via Deonna Purrazzo / (Transcription)
via Muscle Man Malcolm /YouTube

Her defending the title at Supercard Of Honor will be necessary, but the ‘Forbidden Door’ between Impact and AEW seems to have been closed early in 2021 without anyone really passing on through as the later months of the year waned on.

This brings up the question of if Purrazzo will defend it, will it be a one-time deal, where she drops to an AEW star and calls it a day? The other glaring question is: Is it possible that Purrrazzo is AEW-bound?

Interestingly enough, back in 2020 after her release from WWE, it was confirmed by Josh Matthews that Purrazzo had signed a long-term deal with the company. It was soon reported by that she had signed a 2-year deal with the promotion.

If she’s signed anything else since is unclear as of this writing, but, if my calendar’s right, it’s 2022 folks, and perhaps she will soon be a free agent, and we can surely hope that AEW is in The Virtuosa’s future.

Her possible dream opponents mentioned above in her quote definitely are cause for excitement, but really, those possible opponents are just the surface beginning to be scratched at by a kitten with dull claws not strong enough to pierce that surface….

via Title Match Wrestling /YouTube

The sky is the limit for someone like Purrazzo on the AEW platform. And to top it all off, she’d deserve it….

We can surely hope. It would be sad for Impact Wrestling to lose her, but they have an epic roster as well; Purrazzo definitely deserves to shine on another platform and hopefully sooner rather than later.

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