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Gia Miller and Ace Austin Lose Home in Fire—Samoa Joe on his time in TNA—Bound For Glory Sells Out

Gia Miller took to Twitter to announce that she woke up to a fire that spread through the apartment she lives in with fellow Impact Wrestling talent, Ace Austin.

She announced via her Twitter account that she, Austin and their beloved cat were okay, as were others in the building, thankfully.

The couple has launched a Go Fund Me Page…link in the tweet shared in this piece if you want to donate.

via Gia Miller /Twitter

Tommy Dreamer and even Impact Wrestling retweeted on the couple’s behalf.

via Tommy Dreamer /Twitter

Bound For Glory Sells Out!

Impact Wrestling is headed out of the Impact Zone finally; their first live event in seemingly ages, will go down at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. This particular location can hold up to 1500 fans.

It has reportedly sold out, according to E-Wrestling News, and that’s definitely a good sign for the promotion, as they were hit pretty severely during the pandemic—they and Ring of Honor have had very few people at their live tapings while AEW and WWE have filled up many venues for quite a few months now, and considerably so.

Bound For Glory, Impact’s premiere annual show, is set to go down on Saturday October 23rd.

via Impact Wrestling /Twitter

Samoa Joe on his time in TNA

And speaking of Impact, TNA was certainly a time in the rich history of Impact (the promotion dates back to 2002), when a lot of headway was made, particularly under the direction of Dixie Carter. The promotion made leaps and bounds and garnered quite a bit of attention during that time. Stars like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and even Sting were part of the troop during that era.

Samoa Joe was a massive part of that incarnation for the company, too. He speaks on his time there, as well as his thoughts on Carter and how it compares to his time at NXT.

These comments were made on the Kurt Angle Show, interestingly enough. The two had many battles worth remembering at TNA, of course. Samoa Joe said:

“…As far as my opinion of Dixie Carter, she’s a wonderful woman. Great, great lady. She came in there and gave her all when it came to TNA and really took some risks. Some worked out, some didn’t…She helped me buy my first house, and they did good business by me. TNA, at the time, maybe not for everybody, but I know up until almost the very end there, business was always on point, checks were on time…I don’t have a lot of the same negativity others may share…TNA, obviously the locker room was awesome. The backstage at times could be chaotic, but it was very, very easy going in a good way, especially in TNA…It had a very communal vibe. In NXT, I was fortunate to come into the same thing. NXT was more of a developmental brand when I first got in and still is an evolving version of that now. The amount of organization was one of tenfold obviously. That was a big adjustment. When you get to WWE, it’s just a whole other animal. TV production is so much bigger, different cities, location issues; there’s always a new crisis every week just based on the nature of having to take this giant circus traveling every week to film it. You get used to working in an inherently chaotic environment just by the very nature of what it is. I will say this, the consistent thing is I can’t say that I’ve ever been in a locker room my entire career that hasn’t been stellar. I’ve been very fortunate from ROH to TNA to WWE; I’ve had nothing but really great experiences with the guys in the locker room…”

via The Kurt Angle Show / E-Wrestling News (Transcription)
via The Kurt Angle Show /YouTube

Samoa Joe has been absent on NXT since relinquishing the NXT title. His appearance on NXT when he first premiered was a shock to many in the industry. The feeling was that someone like him—who had accomplished all that he had in the industry with TNA, ROH and everywhere else he wrestled, should have had a main roster start in WWE, very much like AJ Styles did in 2016, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

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