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Strowman and Devon Larratt Collide—Will Their Bad Blood Be Parlayed into the Pro Wrestling Ring?

As we reported a few weeks back, Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) was announced as analyst for the Mr. Olympia Weekend arm wrestling tournament. He of course did way more than serve as analyst however, as a recent YouTube video shows.

Strowman, who has been linked to Impact Wrestling, as well as many other promotions on the independent circuit, and even in the Middle East, has been keeping busy it would seem.

He actually faced Devon Larratt in an arm wrestling match as the weekend expo progressed, the match making quite a bit of news. They faced each other, but it would seem as though a wee bit of bad blood arose between both men as they faced off, Larratt, playing the too-sure-of-himself champion; Strowman playing up the “monster among men” side of his character to a T.

via Famous Face Wiki

Many are now wondering of this wasn’t a build for some sort of work in the future for some wrestling promotion. Just which wrestling promotion remains up in the air. It just seemed clear that they two were involved in some sort of preconceived battle of wills, though. They even had to be separated by those surrounding them on stage.

It may be that a hype was built for the sake of the weekend alone, although that doesn’t seem likely, as the expo lasted only as long as the Olympia weekend did…a  mere few days, leading many wanting more. These two colliding on stage would certainly be a license to print money for any promotion willing to invest the time and money into it. And if it isn’t in AEW, then Impact should do just fine for this kind of feud.

via Arm Wrestling TV /YouTube

“No Limits” Devon Larratt, is an arm wrestler by trade. He’s Canadian, specifically from Victoria, British Columbia. He is ranked as the number 1 top arm wrestler in North America. He has also competed in boxing. He faced strongman, Thor Bjornsson in a highly publicized bout.

via Big Loz Official /YouTube

He is a YouTuber and is currently the Left and Right-Arm WAL Heavyweight Champion, as well as the Left Arm Arm Wars Super-Heavyweight Champion. Many other accolades and accomplishments in the world of arm wrestling can be attached to his name.

Strowman has strongman titles to his own name, and he faced Bobby Lashley in an arm wrestling match on WWE programming a little while back as well, so this isn’t at all that much of a far-fetched angle should Impact decide to go with it.

via WWE /YouTube

This would make one heck of a main event. Of course, time will tell if it will come to fruition. We’ll certainly keep you posted, dear readers.

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