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Is Kurt Angle AEW Bound?—AEW Trading Cards On The Horizon

With an influx of legendary wrestlers coming to AEW, just who else is thinking of making a return to the squared circle? Is Kurt Angle on his way to AEW? And with AEW moving up in the world, so to speak, a recent announcement that they will be branching out even further with a new extension and product, reaching a whole new demographic of fans in the process.

Can we expect Kurt Angle in AEW any time soon?

Kurt Angle perhaps needs no introduction but an overview can always do some good in delivering a point home. The point here is that if Kurt Angle is to show up in AEW, as we mentioned there is a possibility, which would mean the world to a company that is already growing in scope and stature in an industry that has been dominated by WWE and not always successfully over the years since WCW was purchased and closed by Vince McMahon.

AEW is certainly grasping up talented individuals recently, as I’m sure you’ve been reading dear readers, as my colleague Sanjay Thakur has been reporting extensively, and remember to stay glued to this site for more information and news in that regard as the weeks go by…

Kurt Angle, an Olympic Gold Medalist (he actually won that gold medal in 1996 with a broken neck), broke the mold of what a technical wrestler in the pro wrestling ring should be. The classic matches he had in WWE with Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero are among some of the greatest matches in history.

In 2006 he ended his run there by deciding to go to TNA, where he wrestled on a smaller scale, definitely, but created memories for fans that are still heralded amongst some of the greatest matches put on by that promotion as well. Personally, I always make time to take a look back at some of the battles he had with Samoa Joe. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe them.

If he was to join the ranks as he hinted at in an interview he did with Fightful Select, as was initially reported by EWrestling News, that would only add to the legendary level of experience on that roster, and the younger generation of wrestlers there could only benefit from all that collective knowledge.

The possibilities for Angle would be endless: he could manage any of those young stars, or perhaps in some capacity, get in the ring himself. Heck, if it works for Goldberg at 55, why not Angle at 52? You never know.

The statements in the interview state that he had been made offers by both AEW and Impact, but his response—whether he would sign on—to said offers is unclear at this time, and moving forward.

He did mention that he isn’t physically able, as per all the injuries he suffered throughout his career, so that speaks volumes, but it still leaves the door open for other capacities, which we can rest assured are being  analyzed by Khan and company, if they so choose to make further offers.

The possibility of a return at either company are sort of glossed over by Angle in his statements in the interview, himself hinting that he had rejected both offers when they were made, at the respective times that they were made, but perhaps it’s safe to say that we can never say never in pro wrestling.

Make some room in your pocket for AEW Trading Cards by Upper Deck

It was revealed at the 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention, that Upper Deck (by way of the AEW/Upper Deck partnership) would be releasing trading cards featuring the stars of AEW. They can be expected as early as November, maybe even October, as per a report at

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