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Is the Forbidden Door Big Enough to Admit Even ROH Stars?—AEW Reimburses Smaller Promotion

The Forbidden door has definitely been a generous topic for pro wrestling journalists like myself; there’s always so much to talk about—so many goings on in the industry for sure. But a recent interview with ROH wrestler, Brody King poses a very interesting question we should have been asking ourselves a long time ago…is the Forbidden Door big enough for even ROH stars? And…just who else can pass through to the greener pastures of AEW?

ROH wrestler, Brody King on the Forbidden Door

In an interview with Nick Hausman for the podcast The Wrestling Inc Daily and Wrestling Inc, Brody spoke about the forbidden door and the interchanging of talent between ROH and NJPW, as it stands in the industry today and what it could mean for smaller promotions such as ROH:

“…I hope for complete crossover through all brands…I always say that I hate the term ‘forbidden door’ because we are in a fan service business and keeping Jon Moxley from wrestling Jay Lethal is doing a disservice for the fans. I would love to go to AEW and wrestle Miro, or Darby Allin or whoever they would have me wrestle, just to have this cross promotion. It’s healthy for everybody. I got to wrestle The Good Brothers on New Japan Strong…You had this weird AEW, Impact, Ring of Honor and New Japan full crossover, which was really cool. I would love to see more of that. I would also love to see maybe Ring of Honor feuding with, I don’t know, GCW, or PWG or these other bigger indie promotions. I feel like there’s just so much money left on the table. Saying, ‘Oh, we don’t work with that person or that person,’ it’s like, who cares? Let the one big company that we’re not going to name, be that person that doesn’t want to play with anyone and let the rest of us have a good time…I have a lot of friends that work there (AEW), and it was really good to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a couple years, especially since the pandemic…”

via: The Wrestling Inc Daily /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

It’ll definitely be interesting to see if King makes it through the Forbidden Door for sure. He’s been wrestling since 2015, and although quite young in the business, he’s already made quite the impression. He’s wrestled in PWG, Major League Wrestling and others on the indie circuit.

King even wrestled legend, Hardcore Bob Holly in GCW.

AEW gives back what they felt they owed

As has been reported by eWrestling News, Daniel Garcia will not be performing at a St. Louis Anarchy he was booked for. This resulted in some disappointment from the fans and the company/smaller promotion itself initially.

Yet in an unprecedented move, AEW paid the company in full for expenses they may have lost because of Garcia’s absence.

St. Louis Anarchy responded:

“…Shout out to @AEW for reimbursing us on travel we had bought Garcia for Friday. Not a lot of bigger companies would (have) done that. The purpose of us is to get talent ready for them. We wish Garcia the best and hopefully we see him in Anarchy soon…”

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