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Moxley Puts In For a Trademark—Miro Meets a Cinematic Legend

AEW’s Jon Moxley seems to have future plans for a tag team name that he once used, as it’s been reported that he has officially put in for a trademark. Specific details below. And Miro posts a tweet on Twitter, and in the photograph, he’s making a legendary pose with one of the greatest cinematic legends of the eighties.

Jon Moxley “The Switchblades” and “Switchblade Conspiracy” trademarks have been officially put in for

As has been reported by, AEW star, Jon Moxley has put in the necessary legal paperwork needed to patent the name referring to an old tag team he was a part of a few years back.

He filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the above names very recently according to the site.

His partner in the aforementioned tag team was none other than Impact and former NXT wrestler, Sami Callihan.

The two certainly go way back and in 2009, they even won the WXW World Tag Team Championships.

The specific reasons for the trademark are as follows: specifically centered around shirts, socks, hats, bandanas, sweatshirts, hoodies and so on…. The specifics seem to also entail the rights to the name in a globally encompassing capacity regarding performances, other entertainment services under the aforementioned name(s), interviews and other public references to boot.

They haven’t teamed up for quite some time but apparently will be joining together once again at The Wrestling Revolver’s Tales from the Ring on October 30, 2021.

That is an event not to miss for sure, friends and readers.

Miro meets Apollo Creed

AEW TNT Champion, Miro, tweeted a picture worth a thousand words, but I’ll try to be done in a mere few hundred if that’s alright with you, friends.

Miro, one of AEW’s top heels, had a hard time keeping a straight and stern face—the face he’s known for—in the picture he tweeted. In the photo, he’s meeting none other than legendary actor, Carl Weathers of Rocky and Predator fame. (Not to mention one of the most underrated action films of the eighties, Action Jackson, and the television show, Street Justice.) Sorry, folks…couldn’t contain the fan boy in me. I love Carl Weathers, and obviously so does Miro.

In the photograph, Miro and Weathers are posing in the now famous pose/handclasp that Carl Weathers’ character and Arnold’s character in Predator, locked up in when they first saw each other shortly after the opening credits of that legendary film.

Looks to me like Miro held his own with Dillon. Just look at the size of those guns! Dutch, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film, would be proud for sure.

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