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Issues with AEW Programming in Canada—Khan Comments on Control of AEW—Possibility of Wyatt Back in WWE

With Bray Wyatt being a no-show at last night’s Dynamite in Rochester, New York, the internet is literally in flames about just where this wrestler might end up. In other news, Tony Khan makes some bold statements about creative control in AEW programming and the direction of the product, and AEW programming in Canada preempted yet again.

How possible is it that The Fiend will in fact return to WWE?

via Wrestle Talk

These days, I’d say that anything is possible, and yes even this. For weeks, many felt that Bray Wyatt was in fact AEW-Bound (this writer included), and even other journalists in the industry were hinting at a possible appearance by Wyatt at the event last night in Rochester—namely Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

And what of the no-compete clause, seeing that Wyatt was released in July from WWE? It seemed with these rumors, that the no-compete clause had a different element to it in Wyatt’s case, or his was shorter than the other 90-day clauses that other wrestlers had.

Both he, WWE and AEW were tight-lipped about the whole thing, so it was natural for everyone in the professional wrestling journalism game to believe that perhaps it was indeed possible that he would appear last night or at least sometime soon with the company, despite the fact that the 90 days weren’t up, which Meltzer did specify. Dave Meltzer obviously did believe it, he probably quoting one of his sources that fed him this information. The comments he had made a few weeks back:

“…It’s most likely happening…It’s at the same stage as Aleister Black long before it happened. I don’t think there’s pen to paper or anything like that but the expectation is pretty strong, put it that way…”

via Dave Meltzer

And many were banking on it. Yet those that were banking on it were very disappointed indeed, as the show closed and no Wyatt of which to speak of.

My colleague here, Sanjay Thakur, is covering this story as well today, reporting on rumors of him possibly signing with Impact instead, so check that piece out here.

I wanted to speak on the very possibility of Wyatt actually re-signing with WWE. Many are wondering if Wyatt didn’t sign, or won’t be signing with WWE once again and perhaps at a lower salary.

It’s a shot in the dark, yes, and at this point is merely conjecture and rumor, but with all the confusion surrounding this individual, anything is possible, dear readers.

What has fueled these rumors is the fact that he hasn’t changed his handle on Twitter, and the fact that he was way active on Social Media during Extreme Rules this past Sunday.

Time will tell.

AEW Programming in Canada—what’s going wrong?

For the zillionth time, AEW programming was preempted on the TSN sports network in Canada. There are actually 5 different TSN channels, so when you order 1 you get all 5, and Dynamite was nowhere to be seen last night at its usual time. Also of note, they don’t play Rampage either…they having aired only two episodes as of yet of the already popular AEW show.

Many are wondering if Tony Khan needs to look at a different network that will honor and broadcast the show loyally for AEW and professional wrestling fans in Canada—and all their programs—much like WWE has with Sportsnet 360.

Khan makes glaring statement about AEW’s Creative Direction as of late

via Mandatory

And in an interesting statement to the Associated Press, Khan speaks about the creative control of the company as it stands and what an impact it has had on the product overall as of late. He said:

“…I’ve found the company has gotten stronger the more I take on…And I think the fans would agree with that. The really hardcore fans would actually really agree with that. The people who know, know the more hands-on I got about everything, the company has gotten a lot stronger…”

via The Associated Press

Cassidy Haynes of is reporting that perhaps there is a wee bit of contention within the company though, claiming that perhaps Rhodes and the Bucks don’t get along. The Bucks, Kenny Omega and Rhodes are supposedly all EVPs, but apparently now the message getting delivered is that they’re only EVPs in name.

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Khan’s statements speak volumes to that effect, interestingly enough.

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