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Adam Cole on NJPW—Danielson on Impact of All Out—Moxley at DEFY Wrestling

Adam Cole had something to say about the “Forbidden Door,” and the possibilities it presents for him now; Bryan Danielson felt the importance of the AEW All Out PPV and what it meant for the industry, and Jon Moxley fills in for his buddy, Eddie Kingston on the indie circuit.

Adam Cole on NJPW possibilities

Adam recently spoke with Renee Paquette on her show, Oral Sessions, and as they spoke, he spoke about the possibilities of going over to NJPW now that he’s able to. He said:

“…New Japan is something I’d like to do more of, I had done a fair amount of tours, it was almost 10. I got to wrestle at Koruakan Hall and the Tokyo Dome and Sumo Hall and all these really cool venues. I enjoyed my time there and right as I was kind of find my footing there or gain momentum…that was when I left. The chance to go back there would be really cool. I think back so fondly of my time in ROH. PWG, I had some of the times of my life there. I got my start in CZW, which is where I met Jon (Moxley). There’s a bunch of really cool things that I would like to do. Independent wrestling is a blast…”

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via SR Productions /YouTube

Bryan Danielson comments on All Out

In a conversation with Brandon Walker on the Rasslin Podcast, Bryan Danielson spoke about the weightiness of the All Out PPV and what it means for the business and for his career. He said:

“…I wasn’t able to watch all of it that night because I was hidden in the trailer, the feed wasn’t very good, (and) people were coming in and saying ‘hi.’…I watched it back either Monday or Tuesday, and I texted Tony and said, ‘That is the most incredible pay-per-view I’ve ever seen.’ I’ve been watching wrestling for a long time and the reason why is, it was an incredible event in itself, if you just saw it as it was, ‘Whoa, what an incredible event,’ but it also made you look forward to the future so much…I texted (Khan) and said, ‘That was just such a well put together pay-per-view. I’ve never seen anything like it…'”

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vi Barstool Rasslin’ /YouTube

That speaks volumes considering just where he’s been in this industry.

It’s the perfect time for Danielson to be a part of something almost from the ground up.

What we can call the AEW Originals, to borrow a phrase from the now defunct ECW, created something very special indeed, and now, together with this newer breed, or rather the old guard of wrestlers from WWE, they are creating not only a huge product for wrestling fans, but stiff competition for WWE, who dominated the industry by default throughout most of the last two decades.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this feels like 1994-96 all over again, where the huge stars that had worked for WWE (WWF at the time), went over to catapult WCW into the stratosphere; only now, all these years later, these circumstances should most definitely have a different outcome.

Jon Moxley competed at a recent independent show

As has reported, Jon Moxley appeared at Defy Wrestling (based out of Seattle) in the stead of Eddie Kingston. As of this writing, there is no word as to why Eddie Kingston could not appear (injury or whatever). Perhaps the surprise of Moxley’s appearance was planned all along, but that is merely conjecture at this time.

Regardless, the element of surprise definitely worked for them, as Moxley and Schaff (of Defy) had quite the match it would seem, and much to the excitement of the fans. Moxley won the match in typical hardcore fashion, dropping Schaff on some thumbtacks, following that up with the Paradigm Shift.

via DEFY Wrestling / YouTube

After the show, it was announced that Moxley would be appearing at another Defy Wrestling event on November 20th when he’ll be going up against Tom Lawlor.

Truthfully and from the heart…he doesn’t have to do this, but he does, because he loves this industry. Much respect to Jon Moxley.

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All including: AEW, NJPW, GCW appearances (and more) spread out through the month…all this being proof that Jon Moxley does not sleep; all this with a new baby in the house to boot. Hats off to this epic talent.

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