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Jack Perry’s Trademark Submission for New AEW Role | Pro Wrestling Scoop

3 Key Points

  • Jack Perry, AEW talent, has filed for a trademark with the USPTO for ‘SCAPEGOAT’.
  • The trademark is designated for wrestling-related entertainment services.
  • Perry previously tore up his AEW contract during an NJPW event, hinting at a new direction.

Trademark Filing Details

Popular All Elite Wrestling (AEW) performer Jack Perry has initiated a trademark application for the term ‘SCAPEGOAT’ with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, signaling a potential new direction for his character. This move follows Perry’s recent attention-grabbing appearance at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Battle in the Valley event on January 13.

Intriguingly, during this appearance, Perry made a bold statement by publicly tearing up his AEW contract and donning an armband emblazoned with ‘SCAPEGOAT’, clearly distancing himself from his previous association with AEW.

Implications and Speculations

Speculation amongst fans and industry analysts suggests that Perry’s actions and the new trademark may pave the way for a rebranded persona in AEW—or potentially indicate a segue to a different promotion entirely.

The incident at the NJPW event marked Perry’s first onscreen activity since a notorious altercation involving CM Punk in August 2023. Following Perry’s conspicuous return where he assaulted Shota Umino and destroyed his AEW contract, the ‘SCAPEGOAT’ term symbolizes a distinct departure from his former in-ring image.

Impact on Perry’s Career Trajectory

Jack Perry’s future in professional wrestling is rife with potential, thanks to his proactive approach to character development and savvy intellectual property management. The ramifications of his actions hint at a powerful storyline that may significantly alter the landscape of his wrestling engagements in 2024.

With Perry not having wrestled since his FTW Championship loss to Hook at All In London, this latest development adds an additional layer of anticipation towards his next in-ring appearance, and how the ‘SCAPEGOAT’ persona will manifest.

Marquee figures like AEW World Champion Samoa Joe have spoken out about the tensions surrounding Perry and Punk’s incident at AEW All In London 2023. While Perry’s wrestling future is ripe with speculation, his bold actions ensure he remains a focal point of pro-wrestling news.

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