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Tommy Dreamer Reflects on AEW and ECW Crowd Energ

3 Key Points

  • Tommy Dreamer speaks on the crowd energy at AEW events compared to ECW’s heyday.
  • Acoustics and venue size may influence the perceived liveliness of wrestling audiences.
  • Dreamer addresses the challenges of conveying crowd enthusiasm through television broadcast.

Tommy Dreamer Draws Parallels Between AEW and ECW Crowds

Tommy Dreamer, an illustrious figure from ECW’s golden era, recently expressed his thoughts about the audience atmosphere during AEW’s “Dynamite” program on January 24. Reminiscing about the bygone days of the ECW Arena, fondly remembered for its fervent followers, Dreamer spotted a semblance in the zeal exhibited by AEW’s audience. In a candid discussion on “Busted Open Radio,” he drew comparisons between the ECW experiences and current AEW events.

The Impact of Acoustics on Audience Perceptions

The seasoned wrestler pointed out a critical factor that perhaps affected the viewers’ impression of crowd responses—the acoustics of the venue. Reflecting on his times wrestling in the dense, clamorous settings of the ECW Arena, Dreamer speculated that larger venues might not carry sound in the same impactful way. He openly invited feedback from fans present at the AEW show to gain a better understanding of the atmosphere from an attendee’s perspective.

Conveying Crowd Excitement on TV Broadcasts

According to Dreamer, capturing the true essence of a lively crowd on television can be tricky, affecting both AEW and WWE productions alike. Citing the TNA Hard to Kill pay-per-view and its subsequent tapings, he suggested that despite enthusiastic live audiences, this vigor sometimes fails to permeate the screens of at-home viewers. Correct micing techniques and venue design play significant roles in translating a crowd’s excitement to the broadcast.

Note: Please credit “Busted Open Radio” for the original comments and reference Wrestling Inc. for the transcript in use of the above quotes.

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