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Jay Lethal on the Zoom Meeting that signaled The End of ROH—DDP Gets Married

Indie pro wrestling fans are having a hard time dealing with the impending absence and possible complete end of Ring Of Honor wrestling. So many current legends had their start in that promotion, essentially making that promotion what it eventually would become.

And if you think it’s hard on you as a fan, imagine what it did to the wrestlers that counted on a paycheck while honing their craft and trying to make it further in the industry.

Jay Lethal, who is now signed with AEW, took it hard, and apparently, it was announced to the whole roster that ROH was coming to an end during a Zoom meeting of all things.

via ROH /YouTube

Of course, Zoom has become the new way to hold meetings during the pandemic, and has helped a lot in terms of getting work done, but perhaps a Zoom meeting isn’t the place to dissever an entire roster from its livelihood.

It would be the equivalent of breaking up with your girl by fax in the nineties, and believe you me, that happened back then. Just ask Sylvester Stallone. Sorry Sly. Actually, sorry Angie Everhart….

Anyways, for the ROH roster, it was just as bleak. He detailed what went down during that fateful Zoom meeting while he was a guest on Talk Is Jericho. Lethal also went into the ins and outs of what the financial issues were for ROH going into that decision, a little bit. He said:

“We’re in a zoom call and they drop this bomb on us. A whole roster zoom call, 50 people…One tell-tale sign that something bad was happening was, normally these zoom calls just involve the people who are about to do our TV tapings. This zoom call had literally everybody…I was like, ‘oh boy.’ Literally, while the zoom call meeting is going on in the middle of this big announcement, I’m thinking, ‘oh man, what‘s the next step for me?’…

Completely out of the blue…I’m not sure who I will piss off by saying too much of this. But we had gotten an email announcing that we are going to have the zoom meeting and the email sounded promising…Going into the meeting I would definitely say I, and I can’t speak for everybody, but I was caught off-guard…

I think the big thing…during the pandemic they tried so hard to take care of everybody, right? Which, a lot of companies were doing…A lot of companies were taking care of people, not releasing too many people, still paying everybody, which they did. But I do think they tried to go above and beyond and had us all sitting home protected, while still paying everybody…

So, there’s no shows, no money coming in for almost the whole year…So they did do a good job in trying to protect us and keep everybody safe. Even though everybody on the roster was willing to go and have those shows. We were all willing to travel, but they wanted us to stay home and keep safe. I think that really put us in the red.”

via Talk Is Jericho /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

DDP gets married

Diamond Dallas Page is remembered as one of the pillars of WCW. Of course in WCW there weren’t only 4 pillars, and it very well may be argued that even in AEW there cannot be only 4, as the talent pool is indeed massive.

Regardless, his history and contributions in the sport have definitely been well documented and the WWE Hall of Famer surely contributed a lot to the Monday Night Wars—a definitive legend.

via <a href=httpswwwwrestlinginccomnews202112ddp gets married target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Wrestling Inc<a>

DDP was married before of course, to Kimberley Page, a former Nitro Girl and WCW personality. They divorced in 2005, having been married in 1991. Page has two daughters and was married a second time to a Brenda Nair…that marriage ending in divorce. He got together with Payge McMahon in 2020 and they were now just married this past December 9th.

A few of the guests at the wedding were of course RVD, nZo, W. Morrissey, Ace Austin and Gia Miller among others. We wish the happy couple nothing but the best.

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