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JBL Blown Away by MJF, Praises His Intelligence and Curiosit

One Big Thing

WWE Hall of Famer JBL recently expressed his admiration for former AEW World Champion MJF, praising his intelligence and curiosity during a chance meeting in England.

Key Takeaways

  • JBL met MJF in England and was “blown away” by him
  • MJF asked intelligent questions about being a heel and Roddy Piper
  • JBL and MJF shared a car ride to the airport
  • JBL considers MJF a “really smart, young guy” and is a big fan of him personally

MJF’s Hiatus

MJF has been absent from AEW programming following an injury at AEW’s Worlds End event. Reports suggest that the former AEW World Champion is taking time off to recover from his injuries. MJF was also spotted wearing a sling during his hiatus.

Why It Matters

JBL’s praise for MJF highlights the young wrestler’s potential and the respect he has garnered from industry veterans. MJF’s intelligence and curiosity in learning from experienced professionals like JBL demonstrate his dedication to his craft and his desire to improve as a performer. As one of the top heels in the business, MJF’s hiatus has left a void in AEW programming, and fans eagerly await his return.

When do you think MJF will make his return to AEW, and how do you think his absence has impacted the company’s storylines? Leave a comment below!

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