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Jeff Hardy Talks About His AEW Debut & What To Expect Moving Forward

Jeff Hardy debuted in AEW last week on Dynamite. This was after he awaited the 90-day no-compete clause he had with WWE to end. The months were long for both him and fans, as the rumors were that he would be ending up in AEW with his brother Matt at the point of that 90-day period’s end.

That thankfully came to fruition and it couldn’t have been a better reception for the in-ring legend. It was emotional, full of excitement and the moment delivered on all other fronts as well.

via AEW /YouTube

Recently Jeff let it be known exactly how his debut felt for him, speaking at a Signed By Superstars virtual signing. Here’s some of what he said:

“It was great…You know, it’s always like, nerve-wracking to appear in a new world. But after I went out there and felt the energy of the people, man, it felt extremely right.”

– Jeff Hardy /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription) – link below

He was even asked about his entrance music moving forward, to which he added:

“Possibly bringing another…back from TNA…Or, you know what would be really cool? If they could get the rights to ‘No More Words’ because I was so excited to come back out to that.”

– Jeff Hardy /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription) – link below

He also had loads to say on what the future will hold for him now that he is on the AEW platform. He said:

“For now, definitely teaming with Matt again…It’s going to be the last run and is going to be the best one….”

– Jeff Hardy /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription) – link below

What was also addressed and as was reported by, he is also open to a singles run moving forward, so who knows where this run will go overall.

In the end, it still isn’t clear what went down during his last few months in WWE, but many believe that he wanted his release. Now we’re not saying he orchestrated his release by feigning a relapse, but he definitely wanted to be released. That was clear.

WWE Creative wasn’t listening to any of his suggestions for his character moving forward. In the end the release was a blessing overall. Now he and his brother can finish things on their own terms, as Tony Khan is famous for being easy to work with, as many of the wrestlers on his roster have stated…especially concerning character direction.

It was just in November, while he was still with WWE that he had this to say on his future there:

“Number one would probably be to be the Universal Champion…Ideally, defeating Roman Reigns. Because that is one of my dream matches, his stuff is so powerful now. I got to mix to up with Seth in the ring and even Dean Ambrose right before he left. They were The Shield, that was a big deal…

Roman’s the one guy I never came in contact with, so I just feel like I kind of belong in that story, and I will belong in that story…I would have to say ‘Taker is the Mr. Survivor Series. His career is beyond legendary, it’s superhuman pretty much; it is unbelievable. He’s done so much for me and my career it’s just amazing…

I have learned so much, just by watching him. So, he is definitely Mr. Survivor Series.”

via / (Transcription)

It was shortly after this and shortly after his appearance on The Broken Skull Sessions aired on the WWE Network that his release would occur after he walked out of a WWE house show (No official TV).

Many accused the performer of relapsing—his history with substance abuse coming up—but as stated above, many felt he just wanted an out. That out came, and another opportunity was made available…an opportunity he seems ready and willing to embrace; as are we.

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  1. Ben Kane

    March 14, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    I expected Jeff’s Willow character, but it seems like they are going to remind us of the Nero one. No loss though. That is his real middle name anyways.

  2. Eric L Wood

    March 14, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    Drugs and alcohol?

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