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Jericho On Reports Of COVID-19 Cases From Rally Fozzy Played

It was previously reported that top All Elite Wrestling Star “Le Champion” Chris Jericho, who is also called “The Demo God,” played a number of shows in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa, despite the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Jericho revealed that precautions were taken during the shows and why he decided the shows must push through despite the pandemic. Despite this, photos from the shows revealed that no social distancing or face masks were utilized or practiced despite Le Champion claiming that the concert venue was operating at a 50% or 35% capacity. Jericho even received a lot of negative criticisms online from fans all around the world.

That didn’t stop “Le Champion” Chris Jericho and his band, Fozzy from playing another show as they reportedly performed in the recently concluded Sturgis rally, which is in the same area they recently played at. According to NBC News Report, there was about 7 new COVID-19 cases in the Nebraska area, which is across South Dakota’s state line.

According to South Dakota’s Department of Transportation, the event drew more than 460,000 vehicles and South Dakota’s Department of Health revealed that a resident who visited One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon in the Sturgis area on August 11th may have transmitted the COVID-19 to other event-goers.

According to ABC News, 15 residents from Minnesota may have gotten the virus as well after being exposed at Sturgis and they expect that number to grow. Sturgis is reportedly set to conduct a mass testing of all the town’s residents next week to stem a potential outbreak.

A fan would take to Twitter and seemingly take a shot at Chris Jericho and Fozzy for being responsible for the new COVID-19 cases in the area. Jericho would then respond to the fan and sarcastically say, “7 Cases…out of 450,000 people???”

You can check out Chris Jericho’s tweet below:

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