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Jim Ross Says He’s Not Worried About AEW’s Ratings Declining

All Elite Wrestling Senior Advisor and Announcer “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross was recently in an interview with James Walsh of Wrestling Epicenter. He said wrestling was missing that die-hard rabid fan base after WCW closed down for good. Wrestling is ready for something different or an alternative to bring the industry back again to where it was. That something different is All Elite Wrestling.

This is what Jim Ross said:

“We had a very loyal and passionate audience in Mid South.” “The level of talent that was able to connect with the audience was pretty amazing for a small wrestling territory. But, on a national level, I think fans are telling us (AEW) that we are ready for something different, an alternative.

“I think our talents, many of them that have been to the big dance like Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Cody (Rhodes), Dustin (Rhodes)… These guys are lifers and connect with the audience as naturally and organically as anybody I’ve ever been around. I think the audience can tell that, can feel that. This virus (Coronavirus, COVID-19) kind of curtailed the momentum we were building. But, AEW is a great company. I love what we’re doing. We have great leadership in Tony Khan. We have some great 20 somethings out there living their dreams. There is nothing more rewarding for an old vet like me than seeing these kids living their dream just exactly as I did when I was their age.”

AEW and WWE’s NXT have been competing in a Wednesday night ratings war for numerous months now. There are times where WWE’s NXT wins the ratings war, but Jim Ross says that he is not worried if AEW’s ratings do go down from time to time.

This is what Jim Ross said:

“No knee-jerk reaction.” “I’m not worried. You said the numbers are going down – True statement. In certain demographics… This is far from a disaster. With our show sandwiched between all the WWE shows on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, our audience is still finding us. The empty arena stuff affects everybody. It isn’t the usual ambiance that we’re all used to. Sometimes, as you said, the fans are as big of a part of the show as anybody. Our audience are very young, defiant, and make a lot of noise. All of us really miss that!”

“The numbers thing… Look, I learned a long time ago. We got our ass (WWE) beat 83 weeks in a row by WCW and I was in the talent relations chair. We didn’t have time to worry about the ratings because in 6 days after you got the ratings, you had to do it again. That’s not a lot of time to moan about it or to celebrate. So, the ratings right now, for me, I’m not worried about it. It means nothing. It means something, obviously. But, we’re doing just fine and we know where we’re going.”

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