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Johnny Gargano speaks on AEW Dream Matches he would love to have—Adam Cole on his Future in AEW

Rumors that Johnny Gargano is in fact headed to AEW are spreading like wildfire and there’s very good reason for that. He recently started working on his Twitch account again, and recently even took some fan questions, and the answers he gave are very indicative of an AEW debut down the line, many have argued.

The odds that he will be taking some time off though, are very good. His wife, Candice LeRae, is due to give birth to a baby boy in February and it seems as though Gargano wants to be home for that and to have his family affairs in order before embarking on his next journey in pro wrestling, and that is commendable.

He quite obviously to all by now, refused a main roster call-up in WWE and quickly launched a pro wrestling t-shirt store online and seems to be strongly hinting at an AEW debut, as per some recent comments on the Twitch platform.

He stated that he would love to face both Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson, and that both are dream matches for him. He of course wrestled Danielson in the indies, and both proposed matches would make any serious pro wrestling fan excited. Here’s some of what he had to say on the matter:

“I did watch (the Danielson/Page match). It was fantastic. They’re both amazingly talented. I wrestled Bryan twice on the indies both times for AIW in Cleveland. I’ve said time and time again that he’s the best wrestler in the world. I know I say a lot of people are one of the wrestlers in the world. I truly believe Bryan is the best wrestler in the world…

For my personal opinion just because I have been in the ring with him so I kind of know from experience but I don’t know how to explain it or say why he’s the best wrestler in the world. You just got to be in there with him and you just know, you just know. Bryan is the best…

It’s a shame that we never got a chance to – we haven’t tangled in the last couple of years but hopefully at some point down the line that can happen.”

via Johnny Gargano / (Transcription)
via WrestleClips /YouTube

On Omega, he said:

“I think Kenny is one of, if not the, best wrestler in the world currently. So, I know that’s a dream match for a lot of people, me and Kenny, and it’s a dream match for me, too. So, who knows what can happen one day.”

via Johnny Gargano / (Transcription)

How Adam Cole sees the next 5 years playing out for himself

It was recently, while speaking on the AEW panel at C2E2 in Chicago, that Adam Cole spoke about what he sees for himself in AEW moving forward. He said:

“It’s a very similar story to everybody else, but I’m absolutely having the time of my life in AEW. I look back at my debut here in Chicago as the greatest night of my wrestling career strictly because so many awesome moments for me watching as a fan were watching really big returns or exciting surprises…

So to be able to say that in my career, I got to be involved in one of those things was really, really cool. That’s just on that night alone. But aside from that fact, I mean, just looking objectively, there’s like five years worth of stuff for me and the rest of this roster to be able to do because the roster is so stacked right now…

The different options and different choices are different matches and ways we could go just have to be excited so I know if I’m really excited about it and our roster’s really excited about it. I know you the fans are excited about it, too.”

via Adam Cole / (Transcription)
via fad23 /YouTube

Cole is set to face Orange Cassidy at the Holiday Bash set for next week’s Dynamite, and he teased a surprise in the form of a box on the last episode of Dynamite, Winter Is Coming, and as we’ve reported, all of this just very well may be the debut of Kyle O’Reilly. This is only all conjecture at this time, but the future looks bright and interesting for Cole, AEW and for the fans.

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