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Kyle O’Reilly Hints at AEW Debut—AEW Signings—The Future of Ex-WWE Talent in AEW

Perhaps everyone was expecting quite the debut when the lights went off at the end of AEW Dynamite last night, especially since so many debuts were rumored, but when the lights came back on, the message was read loud and clear by anyone paying attention, that Tony Khan decided on concentrating on the stars he already had, to make the impact that was needed at the end of Winter Is Coming. Of course it was Darby Allin and the Icon, Sting.

He has seemingly decided to straggle the debuts that he has planned (if any are, of course), over a certain prolonged period of time, which obviously makes sense.

What’s on the horizon?

But what of the debuts? Just who is coming? That remains to be seen, but a possible debut could of course be Kyle O’Reilly…which was hinted at during the segment last night featuring Adam Cole, The Bucks and of course Bobby Fish. Cole held a box wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper, stating that he had quite the surprise for everybody next week.

The fire was ignited further when Kyle O’Reilly responded on Twitter by posting a GIF of Brad Pitt from the movie Seven…that infamous scene where he so urgently asks: “What’s in the box?!”

via Kyle O’Reilly /Twitter

It is clear that Kevin Owens won’t be showing up, as he made that quite abundantly clear by signing with WWE for several more years, and if he doesn’t get released, he should probably be finishing his career there. His reasons are stated below, from an interview he made in French on Les anti-pods de la Lutte. He said:

“I will just say that it still ends on January 31, but not 2022. I will be there for several more years. The decision was rather easy because it was really the best thing for my family. When it comes to that, it’s always a fairly easy decision. The WWE has been my home for seven years, so I have a sense of belonging. Basically, I spent most of my career there. When you look at all the wrestling companies I’ve wrestled in, WWE, that’s where I’ve been the longest, that’s where I need to be for the next few years. That’s how I felt and that’s the decision I made.”

via Les anti-pods de la Lutte / (Transcription)

Too many fish in the turbulent seas of war

Of course we’ve brought up the possibility that too many wrestlers have been being signed by AEW, or seemingly so, and I also brought up the notion months back that if AEW was intending on continuing this trend, that they would need to start thinking about segregation…separating the talent on separate brands, and yes, a la WWE.

But I must say that the talent that they have amassed over the year, they are using exceptionally well, and if they straggle these rumored debuts over the next few months, all should be okay, and truthfully quite interesting moving forward.

Of course nothing is certain yet, but Jeff Hardy, Bray Wyatt, Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly are pretty interesting rumored signees to say the least. When will they debut, if they ever do…? That remains to be seen, but like mentioned above, O’Reilly seems to be a shoo-in for next week, but that also remains to be seen, dear readers.

?? !! ?? !!

Lots of questions and not a lot of answers…pretty much how it goes in pro wrestling…and always full of surprises to say the least; sure keeps us pro wrestling journalist busy, I’ll say.

One thing that is certain, as per reports by Cassidy Haynes of, ROH star Brody King has signed with AEW.

For right now, ROH signees are to be expected, as that talent pool is a massive one and a lucrative one, especially if Khan wants to bank on the future as well as shining a light on the past legends he has signed and predominantly showcases from week to week.

Something to be said about Tony Khan: He pays attention to the concerns of the fans and does accordingly to keep said concerns abated and the interest for his product high. It’ll be interesting to see where all of this goes, but we should all be in for quite a few surprises down the line, and pleasant ones at that, dear readers.

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