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Jungle Boy And Luchasaurus On Wanting To Face The Bucks

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, one of the brightest and fastest rising stars in All Elite Wrestling’s tag team division, was recently a guest on Sean Waltman’s X-PAC 1, 2, 360 Podcast where they talked about not initially planning to keep their tag team together. Luchasaurus also said that he and Jungle Boy really wanted to do something to make their presence felt and show the fans the interaction and chemistry that their tag team has.

This is what Luchasaurus said: “I was kind of a late addition to it, and there was not necessarily talk of us teaming together yet.” “We really believed in it at this point and we wanted to, at least, get some time in there together and have a moment to let them know this could be a really cool thing. And I think we got that across with limited time. That was my goal, to make sure that me and him did something so that people could see the interaction and the chemistry.”

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus then said that the reaction of the fans, as well as the comments the fans gave on their vignettes and their tag team as a whole, is what convinced AEW to keep their tag team together.

This is what Jungle Boy said: “I feel that we kinda changed the course of events there because I don’t know if would have been a team or what, but after we had that moment, it was kinda solidified… We had a little discussion about it but there wasn’t concrete anything, but I think when we had that moment and got that reaction, I think they saw that this is good.”

This is what Luchasaurus added: “After Double or Nothing, my next showing with them was probably when TV started.” “They were going to wait and start building my character on its own. And then all of a sudden, I got the call saying, ‘Hey we want you at all the events.’ And we put out those vignettes too, we followed up Double or Nothing with, like, the supermarket little funny vignettes. A couple of other ones too. Those just took off so much online with the fans, and AEW is listening to the fans in a lot of ways with these things, which no company has ever done before.”

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus then said that they have so many ideas of matches they want to be doing, but obviously, their goal right now is to face the Young Bucks and to showcase their skills against them.

This is what Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus said: “I mean, obviously, we would love to wrestle the Young Bucks.” “That’s the goal there at AEW, is to have the match with, you know, ‘the’ team. But I don’t feel any pressure now. Once we got that first tag out of the way, and we had such a great response, and the crowd was so eager to see us, I feel good about it. I am just excited to show them what else we got in store. We have so many ideas for matches – we got too many.”

You can check out Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus’ full comments in the video below:

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