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Kenny Omega Has His Say On The State Of AEW Women’s Division

Since the inception of AEW, Kenny Omega has always been a big supporter of the women’s division and has spent a lot of his time working with talent. Improving their skills, and generally offering advice whenever necessary.

AEW has been criticized for its women’s division despite a concerted effort to push the talent on a weekly basis. In my review of AEW’s first year, I did make the suggestion that the women’s division was something that can be improved upon sighting that some of the matches and storylines were met with a lot of criticism from fans.

The AEW World Heavyweight Champion spoke about AEW’s focus on the women’s division while doing an interview with TV Insider. He praised the talent they have on their books but noted that there are still things to work on to get better.

“I think we are taking baby steps. We have hungry performers who are passionate about getting a chance to do their best. Passion speaks to me more than the performance of a maneuver, and right now, our women are really chomping at the bit to get these TV spots. They’re all training hard. Our roster keeps getting better. [No one has] lost their passion. They are still striving for that big goal, which is for the women’s division to get more time. I’ll have the biggest smile on my face the day we get it. I know we will.”

During this interview Omega spoke about his wrestling relationship between AEW and Impact wrestling and much more. Click here if you want to hear more from this interview.

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