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Kenny Omega On His Picture Appearing At WWE Thunderdome

WWE recently came up with one of the most revolutionary and innovative ideas in wrestling today called WWE Thunderdome, considering the current situation the world is in. This idea is a platform that shows virtual wrestling fans from all around the world cheering, booing and participating with the storylines and segments happening live.

Despite WWE Thunderdome being one of the most revolutionary and innovative ideas, there is still a glitch and problems in the system from time to time, especially with offensive and odd images showing up during the shows such as of Chris Benoit’s and the KKK.

This past Friday night on SmackDown, an image of top AEW Star Kenny Omega was shown in one of the screens. It is likely that Kenny Omega wasn’t really part of WWE’s virtual fans and the photo was actually from episode 158 of Being the Elite. Omega took to Twitter recently and commented on his image appearing at WWE Thunderdome.

You can check out Kenny Omega’s comments below:

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