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Kenny Omega Talks About The Possibility Of Facing Brock Lesnar In Dream Match

It appears that the contract Brock Lesnar had with WWE is no longer in place. It is speculated that Lesnar’s deal expired after last year’s Wrestlemania which would obviously mean that Lesnar can go wherever he wants. This could bring up some possibilities for AEW if they decided to act on this.

One fan asked Kenny Omega a question about Brock Lesnar on his Twitter account and his response was an interesting one. Here is the small exchange below.

If Lesnar were to make any appearances on AEW he will demand a huge payday. Tony Khan certainly has the money to do this if he feels getting Brock to perform on AEW is too good of an opportunity to pass by.

We also have to consider that this might not be the end of the road for WWE and Lesnar and it wouldn’t surprise that many people if he made an appearance especially when you consider the rating disasters WWE have had this year.

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