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Kurt Angle States Chris Jericho Is Now Greater Than Shawn Michaels—Juice Robinson Joins The Bullet Club

Just who the GOAT is (Greatest of All Time) in the sport of professional wrestling, is a debate that has been going on for quite some time. Many men and women have been bestowed the honor by many aficionados, analysts, journalists, fans and even those in the industry over the years, but as it turns out, we all now know who Kurt Angle picks for such an honor, and it’s Chris Jericho.

Angle first believed that it was Shawn Michaels, but he has changed his mind as the years progressed and his reasoning certainly makes a lot of sense. In his 30-plus year career, Jericho has made some amazing advancements in the industry and revolutionized the sport in his very own way, making himself a celebrity in the process, and of course working at many promotions, but it is because of his time in AEW that Angle was swayed to making his current choice for the Greatest of All Time.

It was while he spoke to Lucha Libre Online that Angle made the following statements:

“What he’s been able to do with his characters, changing and innovating himself and being able to be as effective as he is in the business this late in his career, at 51, 52 years of age, and being in the business for over 30 years…

He’s put in a lot of time, a lot of effort, and he’s very talented…So, I put him up there with Shawn Michaels, but now, after being in AEW and doing the things he’s doing now, he has to be the greatest of all time, especially (for) the amount of years he put in.”

Wrestling Inc (Transcription)…speaking to Lucha Libre Online

This is of course the second time he has said something to this effect, as just last March, Kurt also said the following, speaking to Jericho directly, as Chris was a guest on his show, The Kurt Angle Show. Angle said then:

“I’ve always thought Shawn Michaels was the greatest of all time. And I’m not saying this to blow smoke up your ass, but what you’ve been able to accomplish in AEW, and how long you’ve been able to have this career, I think that you have taken over Shawn as the greatest of all time…You really have, Chris. I mean that with all my heart.”

via Kurt Angle Show /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription) – link above

High praise indeed and coming from someone like Kurt Angle, who can definitely be considered to be on the list of those that were and/or are the greatest of all time, it’s pretty amazing, or rather must have been pretty amazing for Chris Jericho to hear.

Juice Robinson creates shockwaves throughout the industry and joins The Bullet Club

The Bullet Club was founded back in 2013 and since then, it has been a revolving door type of faction that has helped make many men in the industry. Names that passed through its doors include Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Finn Bálor, Jay White, Adam Cole, and that list goes on from there, folks, as for the sake of brevity, I’ve left many out.

Well, it would seem that yet another man has made a name for himself by joining the faction…enough noise to trend on Twitter over the weekend. And it just might be the right move for Robinson who was planning on a new direction for his career. He had been wrestling for NJPW and for Impact Wrestling over the last few years. His future was a big question mark, until now.

He showed up at the NJPW Wrestling Dontaku event this past Sunday, attacking Hiroshi Tanahashi, who had just won the IWGP United States title. Robinson entered the ring as a hooded figure, the result a surprise that has sent shockwaves throughout the industry.

via NJPW World

This comes after many believing that he would be done with the promotion, as per comments he made while speaking to the Wrestling Observer:

“I really don’t know what’s next…I’m just going to hang out and relax for a little while and see what comes to me.”

Wrestling Observer

Well, in the end, it was a great surprise and arguably a great move for his career.

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