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Kurt Angle’s WWE Return Canceled—Will He Consider An AEW Run?—Mickie James On What Upset Her At The 2022 Royal Rumble

Kurt Angle has recently spoken about the epic shape he is currently in. Angle, who is an Olympic Gold Medalist and legendary professional wrestler, was always in great shape. Perhaps in his last WWE run, he wasn’t exactly where he prefers to be, but he is now back in phenomenal shape for sure.

Rumors were bountiful as far as an in-ring return were concerned for Angle in recent history, and yes, rumors that he would be signing with AEW were also quite plentiful out there on the world wide web.

As it turns out though, he now says that a return to WWE was in fact in the works, but now plans for a three week run have been suddenly canceled by WWE.

The question that remains is if these plans have not come to pass, will he now consider a run in AEW? Perhaps that is where he can have that final run while the getting’s good, as the expression goes, and he’s in tip-top shape.

via The Kurt Angle Show /YouTube

Here’s some of what he said on the Kurt Angle Show recently:

“I went to the Royal Rumble. The WWE wanted me to do a short program that they ended up canceling it at the last second. But we went to the Rumble (and) my wife and I, we saw Kim Orton my wife’s best friend. We had a great time. We went to the Rumble and I also did some documentary interviews a day before [and] a photo op with the fans. But I want to make it clear: I’m not signed with the WWE. They weren’t gonna sign me anyway. It was gonna be a three week program. It got canceled, but you know my obligation is to the show — the Kurt Angle Show, and that’s it.”

via The Kurt Angle Show / (Transcription)

Mickie James not entirely happy with this year’s Royal Rumble despite her history-making participation

Mickie James certainly did something that no other woman has ever done in pro wrestling. She participated in the WWE Royal Rumble, all while being contracted with Impact Wrestling and holding that promotion’s Knockout’s title. She didn’t win and when she got eliminated, at least it was the legendary Lita that did the honors, so to speak.

One person that wasn’t as lucky was the equally legendary Melina, who was eliminated in mere seconds. This was the point of aggravation for James, apparently and according to recent comments she has made. It was while speaking on GAW TV that she said the following:

“I didn’t love that at all (Melina was eliminated in 53 seconds)…Her entrance, people did exactly what we knew they were going to do. They erupted, like ‘holys**t’, it was so good to see her back. She hadn’t been in WWE for over a decade, so I think that was amazing to see her get teared up, and, it was awesome…

I didn’t love the whole she got eliminated first; no I didn’t love that, because obviously as I wanted to be able to be in there with her and tangle it up, and I want her to have those moments with some of the other girls, you know? I know it was special for Sasha, and I know Sasha, I know it was special for Sasha to be in there with her.”

via GAW TV /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)
via WWE /YouTube

In the end, the 2022 Royal Rumble was marred with many controversies and this is only one of the travesties that occurred. The treatment of such an icon of the women’s division—on any women’s division past or present—was in fact horrible, and James is of course right on the money, as she so often is. We’re happy that James at least, was shown in the right light despite her elimination.

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