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Peter Avalon Sheds Light On His Status With AEW

The Wingmen’s “Pretty” Peter Avalon, who signed with AEW on April 2019, mentioned on his Twitter that he will be making a huge announcement in regards to his career status with the promotion. Avalon then announced that he will now be taking bookings for independent dates, which led to confusion with fans on what his status actually is with All Elite Wrestling.

Peter Avalon recently had a conversation with Denise Salcedo to clear up any confusion the fans could have on his current status with AEW. According to Avalon, he is still with the company and he is only taking outside bookings to open up his portfolio.

This is what Peter Avalon said:

AEW original Pretty Peter Avalon is still with AEW.” “So that’s it. I am able to take outside bookings, just opening up my portfolio I guess.”

Peter also spoke about how he was given a character he has never done before, which is The Librarian, and how it was something unique what he was put in an interesting situation, but he is glad All Elite Wrestling trusted him to be in that unique situation and its nice that they are still trusting him to do something that is more himself.

This is what Peter Avalon said:

“With the ‘Librarian’ stuff, they gave me a character that was nothing like I’ve ever done before.” “So while everyone was doing something that they had done for 10-15 years, their own act on the independents. They kinda just brought it onto a national stage. I was given something unique and something I’ve never done before. So I was in an interesting situation where I am not bringing something that I’ve already established and built to the table.”

“I am kinda having to get my reps and my takes and my trial and error on national television and on Dark and everything.” “I feel I had a situation unlike everybody else there. Like, everybody came in with something. So I had to begin something very unique… I am glad they trusted me to be in that unique situation and it’s nice that they are still trusting me to do something that is more myself.”

Peter Avalon then spoke about how The Librarian character was very challenging because he wasn’t told so much about it and not so much information was given about it. Peter Avalon also said the character was all AEW President Tony Khan’s idea and he was told to run with whatever little information he had and when he doesn’t hear anything, then he just has to do it himself.

This is what Peter Avalon said:

“It was very challenging, very challenging because I was not given much information about it. There wasn’t much hashed out about the character. This was all Tony’s idea and I ran with whatever little information I had… there were times where I was like ‘Damn what am I going to do? What am I gonna say?’ Nobody was throwing us ideas or giving us anything. When you don’t hear anything you kinda just gotta do it yourself.”

Prior to signing with AEW, Avalon has competed for top Indie promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and even TNA/IMPACT Wrestling as a character named Norv Fernum. Avalon made his promotional AEW debut at the 2019 Fyter Fest Event, when he accompanied Leva Bates in her match. He then made his AEW in-ring debut at the 2019 Fight for the Fallen Event, when he lost to Sonny Kiss in Singles action.

You can check out Peter Avalon’s comments in the video below:

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