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Lana in AEW?—X Division Champ, Josh Alexander, Becomes a Full-Timer

Lana has made it known that her 90-day no compete clause with WWE is over and she’s free to go wherever she pleases and she teases as much in a recent social media post. And in other news, X Division Champion at Impact Wrestling reaches a definitive milestone in his professional wrestling career.

Is CJ Perry aka Lana, AEW-Bound?

As Wrestling Inc has reported, Lana will be on The Surreal Life over at VH1 (in September), but as we know, wrestlers in AEW are much more at liberty to pursue other endeavors and projects, and much more than over at WWE. Just take a look at how many wrestlers on that roster make appearances for other promotions.

But what is next for this former WWE Superstar was hinted at on her Instagram account.

via Instagram thecjperry

Whether she is to debut on the show is up in the air, but with so many released WWE Superstars needing work, it seems like AEW or at least Impact would be viable options for so many of these individuals for sure.

Her making her debut for AEW makes a lot of sense, specifically because her husband, TNT Champion, Miro, has been mentioning her on TV (Clue number 1, folks), and she was a pretty big draw over at WWE, which was what made her release that much more of a shock. Also the fact that her in-ring work was getting better added to the shock of her release.

It’ll be interesting to see her next move.

Josh Alexander’s dreams come true

Josh Alexander, Impact’s very own X Division Champion, has announced on Twitter that he has been able to leave his part-time job and will now be able to concentrate on wrestling on a full-time basis.

To say that the arts have suffered would be an understatement. It’s hard for a lot of people to realize that artists who have legitimate work out there still need a part-time gig to make ends meet. The arts don’t pay what they used to, that’s for sure and to make a move like Alexander has made is telling of how he’s now being treated at this stage in his career by Impact, which is of course promising for the industry as a whole.

I can relate, as I had to work part-time jobs for years, as my writing got under way and finally, between 2018-2019, I was able to make the move to writing full-time, which had been my dream, like wrestling full-time had been Alexander’s.

via Twitter /Josh Alexander

Not always easy, but his sentiments are delivered in some of what he had to say:

“I’ve dreamt of this day for longer than I can remember. A day when I don’t need to wake up at 3am to (work out) before heading to the job site. A day when I don’t rush from my (red-eye) home to a shift. A day where I can finally have time to truly dedicate myself to this business that I love…It’s a stressful thought running around without that security blanket of guaranteed income. But risks often produce the biggest rewards…I’ve often wondered what I’d be able to do as a wrestler when I don’t have to work 40+ hours a week on top of the training & travel. It’s a scary thought. I guess now we will finally get to find out…None of this is possible without the support of the fans. Without IMPACT Wrestling giving me countless opportunities to show I’m a world class wrestler…”

via Twitter /Josh Alexander
DEFY Wrestling /YouTube

He had a lot more to say to that effect, specifically that the support he has gotten from fans, Impact and even the indie circuit promotions motivates him to step into that ring, ultimately giving his best time and time again.

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Truthfully, it shows how much he loves this business, and it seems as though things are going to get a tad more interesting to boot.

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