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Major Changes to AEW’s TV Schedule This Week Due to NHL Playoff

One Big Thing

The AEW TV schedule faces significant adjustments this week, with “Collision” off the air and “Rampage” moving to a new time, all because of the NHL playoffs on TNT.

What Happened

  • Last week’s “AEW Collision” gained extra viewers by airing after the NBA playoffs.
  • A special Saturday “Rampage,” featuring a notable Parking Lot Fight, followed “Collision.”
  • This week, there’s no “Collision” due to the NHL playoffs taking over the TNT slot.
  • “Rampage” shifts to Wednesday, airing on TBS right after “AEW Dynamite.”
  • Kenny Omega makes a highly anticipated return on this week’s “Dynamite” in Winnipeg.

Why It Matters

The disruption to AEW’s regular scheduling may impact viewer habits but also shows the flexibility and adaptability of the wrestling promotion in the competitive TV landscape. Moreover, Kenny Omega’s return could draw significant attention to “Dynamite,” potentially offsetting any displacement caused by schedule changes.

Kenny Omega’s Role

The inclusion of Kenny Omega’s return match is a strategic move to maintain audience interest amidst the schedule shuffle, highlighting the importance of star power in wrestling programming.

Looking Forward

  • It’s unclear if these disruptions will have a lasting impact on AEW’s viewership numbers.
  • Fans are likely to follow the high-profile matches and stars, such as Kenny Omega, regardless of schedule changes.

AEW’s flexibility with their programming, in response to the unpredictable nature of live sports broadcasts, demonstrates a proactive approach to maintaining viewer engagement.

How do you think the schedule change will affect AEW’s viewership this week? Will Kenny Omega’s return be enough to keep fans tuned in despite the shake-up? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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