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Max Caster’s Bold Dig at Vince McMahon’s Allegations in AEW Dynasty Rap

One Big Thing

Max Caster, an AEW superstar, made headlines with a rap that took a controversial dig at Vince McMahon amid his recent allegations, during AEW Dynasty Zero Hour.

Key Points

  • AEW has been known for indirectly targeting WWE and its personalities, a trend that has caught fans’ attention.
  • Last week, The Young Bucks aired unreleased backstage footage involving CM Punk, escalating internal disagreements.
  • Will Ospreay expressed disdain for Triple H, hinting at nepotism within WWE due to Triple H’s relationship with Stephanie McMahon.
  • Max Caster’s rap targeted Vince McMahon, alluding to the serious allegations against him with bold and explicit lyrics.

Why It Matters

Max Caster’s rap is indicative of the ongoing rivalry and tension between AEW and WWE, showcasing AEW’s fearless approach to critiquing industry giants. It also brings spotlight back onto the serious allegations surrounding Vince McMahon, questioning the impact these will have on the wrestling world and McMahon’s legacy.

“Switchblade’s what I switch. I’ll fufill your fantasy and I’ll make you my b****. Yo this dude’s just making me sick. I’ll violate you so bad you’ll have to tell the legal team about the taste of my d***.”


While no formal response from WWE or Vince McMahon has been made public, the wrestling community is buzzing with reactions. Caster’s rap has opened a new discourse on the boundaries of rivalry and critique in professional wrestling, with AEW continuing to push the envelope.

What are your thoughts on Max Caster’s bold move? Were you surprised by the explicit dig at Vince McMahon? Share your views in the comments below.

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