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Mercedes Mone Engages in Twitter Banter with Wrestling Star Giulia Amid AEW Debut Rumors

3 Key Points

  • Mercedes Mone, known formerly as Sasha Banks, hints at a high-profile match with NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, Giulia.
  • Mone’s anticipated AEW debut strengthens as she teases “big business” in her latest tweet.
  • AEW’s creative team gains a new director, Jennifer Pepperman, who has a history with Mone.

In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where alliances are as fleeting as rivalries, the spotlight shifts to Mercedes Mone, previously celebrated as Sasha Banks during her tenure with WWE. Mone’s recent social media exchange with Giulia, the reigning NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, has sparked discussions and heightened anticipation among fans and insiders alike.

A Potential In-Ring Confrontation

Giulia’s open challenge to Mone, asserting her readiness to defend her title, was met with an intriguing response. Mone took to Twitter, playfully hinting at a future encounter with Giulia. This tease comes amid swirling rumors of Mone’s impending debut in AEW, particularly at the Dynamite Big Business event scheduled in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. The use of “big business” in her Tweet subtly confirms fans’ suspicions about her AEW debut.

Creative Collaborations and Expectations

Mone’s journey in AEW is expected to be shaped significantly by Jennifer Pepperman, a former WWE senior writer who now serves as AEW’s Director of Content. Their prior collaboration in WWE suggests a promising creative synergy that could redefine Mone’s wrestling persona and narrative arcs in AEW.

An Anticipated Debut

Fans are eagerly awaiting Mone’s return to the ring following a hiatus due to an ankle injury sustained during the inaugural NJPW STRONG Women’s Title match at NJPW Resurgence 2023. Giulia, who captured the title from Willow Nightingale in July 2023, has also been linked with WWE, adding layers of intrigue to the potential crossover encounters.

As Mercedes Mone prepares to step into the AEW arena, her exchange with Giulia lights the fuse for a highly anticipated matchup. With the creative guidance of Jennifer Pepperman and the buzz of Mone’s “big business” debut, the wrestling world is on the edge of its seat, waiting to see how these narratives will unfold. The intertwined futures of these two remarkable athletes underscore the ever-evolving and captivating nature of professional wrestling.

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