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Mercedes Mone’s Wrestling Future and Potential AEW Move: Bayley Weighs In

3 Key Points

  • Mercedes Mone, formerly Sasha Banks, is anticipated to join AEW following a breakdown in negotiations with WWE.
  • Bayley expresses her belief in an eternal in-ring rivalry with Mercedes Mone, praising their unmatched chemistry.
  • Both wrestlers show support for Trinity at TNA’s Hard to Kill event, sparking interest in Bayley’s prospective Royal Rumble victory.

Uncertain Horizons for Mercedes Mone

The wrestling community has been abuzz over the future endeavors of Mercedes Mone, previously known as Sasha Banks in WWE. Speculation suggests her next pro wrestling venture may unfold in AEW’s ring, given the stalemate reached with WWE management. As a central figure in the women’s division, Mone’s potential shift to AEW remains a pivotal topic.

Bayley Confident in a Permanent Showdown

Longtime friend and wrestling cohort Bayley has recently shed light on Mone’s absence from the squared circle. In a conversation with Sports Illustrated, Bayley envisions their in-ring saga as never-ending, citing their historic bouts and the legacy they’ve built as ‘The Brooklyn Girls’. Bayley likens her synergy with Mone to that of an athlete and their ultimate rival, casting Mone as her own version of Michael Jordan.

Friendships Beyond the Ring

Beyond their competitive nature, the bond between Bayley and Mone was visible as they both appeared at TNA’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view. There, they supported their fellow wrestler, Trinity, known as Naomi in WWE, during her championship contest. Displaying camaraderie, their presence was noted by fans and industry observers alike.

Bayley Eyes Royal Rumble Triumph

With the Women’s Royal Rumble on the horizon, Bayley is poised as a top contender for the 2024 spectacle. Her success in the ring, coupled with the narrative of her enduring friendship and rivalry with Mone, contributes to her being earmarked by many as the favorite to outlast the competition in this high-profile battle royale.

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