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More On Jeff’s Arrest, Bonds Out Of Jail, Suspended By AEW, Court Date

As previously reported, All Elite Wrestling Star Jeff Hardy ran into trouble on the wrong side of the law once again a little after midnight last Sunday in Volusia County, Florida. It was revealed by the Volusia County records that AEW’s Jeff Hardy was arrested and booked into entering jail at 12:45AM on charges of Driving While License Canceled/Suspended/Revoked, Violating Restrictions Placed on Drivers License and DUI Alcohol/Drugs Third Offense within 10 Years. The records also showed that all of Jeff Hardy’s charges are felony counts, with Hardy being held on a bond that totals $3,500 ($2,500 for the DUI and $500 apiece for the license violations) and that Hardy is incarcerated at the S. James Foxman Justice Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The County Clerk’s office in Daytona Beach, Florida then revealed that the AEW Star was scheduled for a court appearance on Tuesday, June 14th at 1:30PM local time and that his license charges was second degree misdemeanors, while his DUI charges was third degree felony.

An update was recently provided by ESPN’s Marc Raimondi that based on a Florida Highway Patrol report Jeff Hardy was stopped after a white car was seen “swerving” and “running off” the roadway at 12:30AM ET and when the police officer stopped and engaged Jeff Hardy, the AEW Star seemed “to be in a stupor and confused” state of mind. It was also mentioned on the report that once Hardy left his car, he was unsteady and smelled of alcohol and when the officers attempted to speak with Jeff, they learned that Jeff had been drinking and that he could not even successfully complete any of the sobriety exercises administered to him “without the risk of falling,” based on what the officer reported. A Breathalyzer test was then administered to Hardy and his first sample was a BAC of 0.294. Jeff’s second sample was a 0.291, but the legal limit to drive in the state of Florida is .08.

According to the Volusia County court records, Hardy was bonded out of jail at 7:07PM ET Monday night and that he paid the $3,500 surety bond via bail bondsman to get released and his court appearance on Tuesday, June 14 at 1:30PM local time has been cancelled.

Following Hardy’s arrest and release from jail via bail bondsman, AEW President Tony Khan took to his Twitter and announced that the AEW Star has been suspended without pay and that he can only return to AEW once he successfully completes his treatment and maintaining his sobriety. Khan also said neither does himself nor AEW condone Jeff’s behavior and they have made it clear to him that they will assist him in getting treatment for substance abuse issues, which he has indicated he is open to receiving.

Shortly after Hardy’s release, more details on his arrest were provided and it was mentioned that the AEW Star were among the talents that appeared at Dave & Buster’s in Orlando last Sunday night for the SlamDown VII Convention. Jeff then performed a live acoustic set of his music, which was scheduled to run from 9:30-10:30PM. Jeff Hardy then completed all of his obligations by 10:30PM ET on Sunday night and was arrested near Daytona Beach, Florida on Monday morning at 9:55AM ET, which is around 12 hours after his appearance and one hour away from Dave & Buster’s. POST Wrestling reports that the AEW Star was traveling along 1-95 in a white Dodge Charger when he was pulled over by Trooper Zach Steiner and it was at that time where Jeff’s case was still classified as “without incident.” POST Wrestling also reported that four 911 calls were placed regarding Hardy’s reckless driving.

Fightful Select reports that after Jeff Hardy completed his obligations last Sunday night, Matt Hardy made sure that he got back to his hotel room and after that, Matt Hardy and his family flew back home to North Carolina, while Jeff Hardy remained in Florida. The report also states that Jeff has hold on to a physical license, which is illegal in North Carolina, but he has been using that license to rent vehicles during his time with WWE and AEW and there hasn’t been any issues for Jeff Hardy to rent any type of vehicles outside of North Carolina.

There have been questions on the footage released of Jeff’s arrest, where he told the police officers that he was scheduled for a doctor’s appointment for brain scans for his head and if Hardy really did have a doctor’s appointment, it was unlikely that it would have been on that day because a drive from Orlando, Florida to his hometown in North Carolina would have taken him 8 to 9 hours. Fightful Select confirmed that Jeff Hardy was arrested at 9:54AM and booked three hours later at 12:45PM, rather than 12:45AM as originally reported. Fightful tried to reach out to AEW regarding Jeff Hardy’s comments to the police officers, but AEW didn’t provide any comment and from a legal perspective, it was unlikely AEW will ever comment on it.

Jeff Hardy’s scheduled to appear in a Volusia County, Florida court room has been changed to Tuesday, July 5, where he is set to appear in front of Judge Raul A. Zambrano at 2:30PM ET inside the S. James Foxman Justice Center Courtroom 3 in Daytona Beach, Florida and this is where he will be arraigned on the three charges he received during the Monday morning arrest.

There’s no word yet on when Jeff Hardy will begin his treatment and how long he will be out of action after he undergoes the treatment, but updates will be provided once it has been made available.

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