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Nic Nemeth Discusses Why A Swerve Would Have Been Better for AEW’s All In Backstage Footage Reveal

The One Big Thing

Nic Nemeth believes AEW missed a creative opportunity by not turning the All In backstage footage reveal into a swerve to captivate audience attention further.

Key Takeaways

  • AEW’s decision to air backstage footage from All In caused a stir, revealing a conflict between CM Punk and Jack Perry.
  • Nic Nemeth, on “Busted Open Radio,” suggested AEW could have generated more buzz by airing fake or comedic footage instead of the actual altercation.
  • Despite disappointment, Nemeth acknowledged the buzz AEW created in the wrestling world, especially following WrestleMania 40.
  • Adam Copeland’s subsequent passionate promo reminded fans why they’re passionate about wrestling despite criticisms, aligning with Nemeth’s observations.

Why It Matters

This incident highlights the delicate balance promotions must maintain between creating engaging content and managing public perception. Nemeth’s commentary sheds light on the creative directions wrestling organizations can take to intrigue and retain audience interest, even amidst controversies.

Reflections on Strategy

Choosing to air real backstage conflicts can be a double-edged sword for wrestling promotions. While it might attract immediate attention, the long-term effects on the promotion’s and wrestlers’ images are unpredictable. Nemeth’s suggestion for a lighter, perhaps even comedic approach, could have offered a unique way to engage fans while avoiding potential backlash.

What are your thoughts on using swerves in wrestling promotions? Do they add to the excitement, or are they seen as misleading? Leave your comments below.

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