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NXT On USA Network vs. AEW Dynamite On TNT Google Numbers

This past Wednesday night saw the first-ever head-to-head competition between WWE’s NXT on the USA Network and All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite on TNT for brand supremacy and for its ratings on both the local and international markets.

According to Dave Meltzer on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program, All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite has three times the viewers of WWE’s NXT on the PlayStation Vue streaming service. While this is not the viewership numbers itself, Meltzer mentioned that this gives us a slight idea of how the viewership numbers will look like.

Meltzer also noted that it was a similar scenario on Google Trends with AEW having 140,000 searches compared to NXT’s only 20,000 searches. As mentioned, while this is not connected to the viewership numbers itself and it does not always translate to how the exact numbers will look like, AEW’s Google Trend numbers did actually get 70% of Monday Night RAW.

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