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ODB To Return To IMPACT Wrestling With Her Eye Also On AEW

One of the most unorthodox, unique and powerful women in all of professional wrestling, ODB, recently had a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, where she revealed that she is making her in-ring return to IMPACT Wrestling very soon. ODB said that IMPACT Wrestling is awesome and TNA is always her home. ODB also said that whenever she gets buzzed by IMPACT to make a return, she always obliges. ODB then said that she is actually getting back in the ring soon.

This is what ODB said:

“I am actually getting back in the ring. So yes, Impact obviously called me. And that’s a cool thing about stuff, like I never burnt a bridge in wrestling. Yeah, we all have our bad moments and stuff, whatever you want to tell everyone to go F themselves.”

“It’s just Impact was awesome. TNA was always my home. And then they buzzed me and every time, I’m like, “Oh gosh, oh boy, here we go.” But they’re like, “Hey, would you want to come back and see what happens and possibly bring the food truck?” So that’s my ultimate goal is actually to drive my ODB’s Meat and Greet into a stadium and kick some ass.”

ODB then talked about not only having her eye on IMPACT Wrestling, but on AEW as well.

This is what ODB said:

“That actually is something I, because I’m not afraid to pitch anything. What are they going to say? No, you know? That was actually one thing I said. I’m like, “Hmm, Jacksonville’s an hour away from me. I’ve been having my food truck there. Why not drive the bitch right in?” And go after some of those chicks. I think that would be… Yeah, oh yeah.”

All Elite Wrestling recently announced that they will be having a Women’s Tournament, so perhaps that is where ODB will make her presence felt and compete.

You can check out ODB’s comments in the video below:

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