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Recent Action By Cora Jade Reflects Negatively On Entirety Of WWE’s Women’s Division—Women’s Roster Imploding—How Does This Affect Women’s Wrestling Overall

AEW doesn’t have a tag team division for the women’s portion of the roster. That’s been the case for a while, but they have a whopping three titles for the women to contest for: The TBS Championship, The AEW Women’s World Championship, and of course the ROH Women’s Championship.

The AEW women’s roster has made leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings and not only that, but many ex-WWE wrestlers in general have made their way to the promotion and only elevated it further—specifically stars like the former Ember Moon (currently Athena) and so many others….

As for the WWE women’s roster, who in the past was exemplary, seems to be in peril of crumbling; it seems as though their platform is being torn down piece by piece and all of this right in the middle of the McMahon scandal involving the bribing and possible rape of female employees of the company. These allegations also include talent…specifically from the mid 2000s.

It has been since the walkout of the former Women’s tag team champions, Naomi and Sasha Banks (they were frustrated with the manner in which they were being used so they walked out), that the tag team titles have been ignored. With the exception of their being mentioned soon after they were vacated by the aforementioned two—a tournament to crown the next champions was announced— the titles have been all but ignored since then.

And on NXT now, the women’s tag titles have also been disrespected. Cora Jade recently betrayed her tag team partner, Roxanne Perez (the two held the titles of course after they beat Toxic Attraction for them), but Jade betrayed Roxanne at last week’s event on Tuesday, thus severing their bond and this week, she threw her half of the tag titles in the trash that was conveniently placed at ringside.

via WWE /YouTube

Now as pro wrestling fans, we’ve seen this before: An incident involving Madusa in which she went to work for opposing promotion, WCW, all the while still being WWE women’s champion at the time (1995). This of course was Eric Bischoff’s genius idea (note my sarcasm please), and WWE had a good time of criticizing those actions over the years and now they’ve done the same exact thing. Really?

Perhaps though, now it’s much worse. Because excuse me for saying this, but weren’t we trying to build the women up? Weren’t we trying to push the boundaries of where the WWE women’s division was headed and where it had been? What was the Evolution PPV for? It seems to me that these days if the women want a fair shot at having an ‘evolution,’ they should be wrestling anywhere but at WWE! To borrow a line from Metallica: “Sad But True.”

via WWE /YouTube

Instead of giving the women more belts to wrestle for, they’re taking belts away from them! Makes no sense at all, folks.

A source of’s stated specifically: “…felt like Vince McMahon was more concerned with squeezing himself onto television after the Wall Street Journal story than actually making sure female talent was booked and protected on the show.” Referring once again to the aforementioned allegations of McMahon’s.  In the past as well, WWE has pushed the women’s matches in favor of the men’s business out there.

In one specific sequence in Liv Morgan’s documentary, Liv Forever, her match with Ember Moon (currently Athena in AEW) was cancelled at the last minute. She was told a bogus story about why that happened, and well, the audience was made to deal with that as always.

Even at WrestleMania 35 when the women were supposed to have the main event: Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair, the only person to have a major problem with that was Vince McMahon (surprise, surprise) and a big one at that….

At the time, Ronda Rousey had something to say on how wishy-washy Vince was being headed into that event. It was huge news that the man was undecided, having major issues with the women headlining, and the amazing thing is that he was doing this out in the open…doubting the women and showing just how little he believed in their ability to headline. Here’s what Ronda said at the time on her Instagram page:

“This isn’t what’s best for business. This isn’t what’s in demand. I have no idea what the hell this is. Vince McMahon doesn’t even believe in his own girl @MsCharlotteWWE – If he didn’t make us the main event of #SurvivorSeries he’s sure as hell not making us the main event of #WrestleMania. The #WomensEvolution was robbed tonight.”

via Ronda Rousey on Instagram

Well, according to the same above report by (link above), many of the female wrestlers in WWE are extremely frustrated.

This is of course not to say that there aren’t frustrations for the men and the women in any promotion, but for right now, the light that should be shining on the many epic female stars, and since the Evolution Era of their business…let’s just say that light has shifted to other promotions, specifically AEW and Impact Wrestling, where I feel the women are certainly taking the tip of the iceberg spot in the industry right now. The first-ever Queen of the Mountain match was proof of just that at Slammiversary. Many are still reeling from that match, as they should be.

via Impact Wrestling /YouTube

Will more women be walking out of WWE? What’s to come of all the work hat exceptional stars in that division have done? Time will tell. For now they have an epic champion in Bianca Belair and a good champion in Liv Morgan (depends how she does with it, this opportunity). Time will tell folks, as I’ve just said, but I just don’t know….

Once again all signs point to a major problem with WWE creative and management and those signs are all pointing to Vince McMahon.

There’s something terribly wrong here and it may just be his ability to make the right choices. One choice he needs to make and make soon, is if it isn’t time to step away…step away before he ruins what he built. Again, time will tell.

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