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Renee Paquette Discusses Her Role As A Producer In AEW

Renee Paquette (F.K.A. Renee Young in WWE), wife of top All Elite Wrestling Star Jon Moxley (known as Dean Ambrose in WWE) appeared on an episode of Womens Wrestling Talk, where she discussed a number of topics, including her role as a producer in AEW.

This is what Renee Paquette said:

“I focus on what I have the most experience in, of course, is those backstage segments doing those interviews, different promos. You know, for me, it’s kind of jumping in there. It’s such a different experience than it is with WWE. Of course, I was not a producer there. But the experience that I had there of being able to work with everybody. I’ve done interviews with everybody. So for me to be able to have that experience and now to be able to apply it here where we’re not just handed a script, and we’re not handed the like, here’s what we’re getting to. So really, it’s you know, getting together with the talent, sometimes it’s right before we’re about to shoot something going, what are we doing? What are we trying to accomplish? And it’s really just keeping everybody on track and making sure that what we’re doing makes sense. Because it can get very complicated sometimes when it’s like, you know, a bunch of different championships, a bunch of different matches, a bunch of different players that are in this segment. So it’s trying to make sure that what we’re talking about makes sense. But also like little things, where’s everyone standing? What’s the blocking house? If somebody’s exiting the frame? How are we doing that? Like it’s, it’s all those little things that really do make such a difference in those moments of which side a babyface is going to come in from how I’m going to, you know how I’m going to interact with the baby face as opposed to a heel. It’s all those little things that I think really make the difference to those moments. And as we know, it was like any moment that you have on camera is so valuable. So we want to make the most of those every single time and if I can help make somebody look like a bigger star or get them better experience in those moments. That’s something that I love doing.”

Renee also discussed herself and Saraya doing a podcast together.

This is what Renee Paquette said:

“Ray and I, we’ve been talking about doing kind of anything together for so long, we’ve been able to work together for so long. And we’ve been able to have like big chunks of our careers together. But for us to like actually, like me and her do a thing together. So we, you know, the easiest way to do that, of course was to like, hey, let’s do a podcast. And then the idea came up with StarCast. It’s really just finding the right time to do it. I think for both of us, we don’t want to, like half ass or start doing it. And schedules are busy and we’ve got other things going on. It’s just trying to find the right way to do that. But it will happen in some capacity or another whether it’s this podcast or some other kind of show. What have you. I mean, I feel like it’s all right there. Like you said, like the shenanigans, there’s no way to contain those shenanigans. So it’s just trying to find the right way for us to really get together and make something that we’re both really proud of.”

Renee also discussed being open to do reality TV.

This is what Renee Paquette said:

“My experience with it, I think was like, I feel like I look back on it…so far removed from it being like, Wow, what a cool experience that I was given to do. But I think sort of in that world of being in reality television, on the road, having my boyfriend at the time, who was very resistant to doing it, trying to get him involved doing it trying to figure out like, what are my storylines on the show, I don’t really have much like drama, I’m not wrestling. I was trying to figure out who I was on the show. And that I think that was like a little bit of a hurdle for me. And listen, there’s an art to doing reality television, we see people that are great at it, and we see people that are not so great at it. And yeah, I mean, I don’t think that I was so great at it. I think in another world though and I think with the experience that I had doing that that I could be more open to it now. Given you know just yet what I know about it and who I am as a person now I think is a little bit different. Um, so yeah, I’m always open to kind of everything. So I would never say never. But yeah, it really was a cool experience.”

Renee then discussed Saraya losing the AEW Women’s World Championship.

This is what Renee Paquette said:

“I mean, for sure, disappointing. I mean, you look at somebody like Saraya and what she brings to AEW, what she brings to that women’s division. And I think she kind of finding her footing again as well, after, you know, not wrestling for five-plus years. So for her to come back from this injury, thinking she was never gonna wrestle again, thinking she was fully retired, boots hung up to now coming back into this world and trying to figure it all out again. It’s been really cool to see her get into her groove, and I think are having that championship belt and being able to have a different run, I would have loved to have seen that I would have loved to have seen her be able to defend that title more and have some more of those matches and have more of those opportunities. Obviously, Shida is fantastic. We have so many great women. But yeah, Raya is my girl and I think that she just brings a certain cache to women’s wrestling. She really is that woman that… she didn’t single handedly but she was a big part of changing the way that we look at women’s wrestling and changing the mold of what female wrestlers are. I think that we all need to continue to slap a little respect on that woman’s name. She’s a badass.”

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