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Renee Paquette Signed Without Speaking With AEW President

Renee Paquette is an excellent personality behind the stage. She can do a plethora of tasks with ease and has an excellent personality. While the grapevine had information that Renee Paquette and AEW have started discussions, the reality seems to be otherwise.

Renee was welcomed to a loud pop from the fans in the arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She opened last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, followed by an on-screen conversation with Christian Cage. She did her other commitments backstage.

The AEW Backstage interviewer appeared on The Sessions and discussed her return along with what she plans to do in AEW. One thing is sure and that’s the fact that she isn’t doing commentary in AEW. While Vince McMahon wouldn’t be in her ear, she still wants to stay away from it.

It’s kind of funny because, as much as I had been around a lot [backstage at AEW events], I really never really talked to Tony about coming into AEW. A lot of it was – this is probably going to sound bad, and I’m sure people are going to take this out of context – but honestly a lot of it was talking to Jon, of being, like ‘Man, I want to be back in the wrestling world, I miss being around it, I miss doing stuff.

It all happened really fast, it literally happened so fast where all of a sudden Jon and I had been talking about it and then it felt like the next day my manager is calling me going, ‘Oh yeah, they are reaching out, the contract is coming through’ I was like, ‘Wow, that was a quick turnaround.

During all of this, I’ve not even talked to Tony all that much about it just because there’s not really been much that we’ve needed to talk about until now I’m there.

Renee talked about how this happened faster than expected. She talked about how she never spoke to the AEW President before it all came to life. Renee is always relaxed in talking about her life, and she didn’t want to sound impulsive in her approach to AEW.

The now AEW interviewer will be a valuable addition to the team. We know that Jon and Renee are excellent as a duo and with their parenting duties together, and in the same company, the duo will have enough time for each other together.

Do you think your interview was as easy as Renee Paquette? Sound off in the comments.

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