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Renee Paquette Is Now A Part Of The AEW Team

Renee Paquette is now All Elite. The former WWE backstage announcer and the first woman to commentate a Raw show is now a part of the AEW team. While there isn’t enough information on her role as of this writing, things will become clear when AEW Dynamite comes our way in some time.

Tony Khan has hired various ex-WWE superstars and commentators. Renee Paquette joining the team is just as big in the respective division as Paige joining the women’s division a couple of weeks ago in a surprising manner.

Renee has years of experience under her belt as she worked with various companies before being picked up by the WWE to do a multitude of tasks. It includes working as a backstage interviewer and hosting the pre-show and post-weekly episodic shows.

Renee becoming a member of the AEW Team means that there will be a bigger representation of the backstage interview division. We currently had Dasha Gonzalez in that division who was released by the then-WWE Chairman and CEO for some weird reasons.

Renee has had some interesting storylines in the WWE, with the most notable one being the one where her husband Jon Moxley, f.k.a Dean Ambrose in the WWE was involved in a storyline with The Miz. The Miz crossed the line and the rest was history.

Jon Moxley is the current AEW Champion and with his wife joining the team, one can only be excited to see what she brings to the table. She comes to the wrestling business after a hiatus as she was busy taking care of her family and raising a baby.

What do you think of this signing by AEW? Sound off in the comments.

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