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Santana On The Possibility Of The Inner Circle Splitting Up

Top AEW Star and the Inner Circle’s Santana recently spoke with Stephanie Chase on the possibility of the group splitting up, to which he noted that they had already done so much as a group and they have also proven themselves to be part of a very successful group, so he feels that it is time to go their separate ways and prove that each of them can be successful on their own and maybe somewhere down the line they can reunite for a major moment.

This is what Santana said:

“We had done so much and we were, we had proven to be very successful at being the group and the group.” “I just felt like it was time for all of us, you know, to go our separate ways and start establishing our own selves and whatever we’ll continue doing and stuff like that. And then maybe eventually down the line we could bring it back together for a major moment and, you know, rock & roll again.”

“I always feel like the group is cool, we’ve proven that the group can be successful, but now let’s prove that each of us can be successful on our own. Almost like the Wu-Tang Clan, you know? They were such a great band together, you know, so successful together. When they broke up and went their own separate ways, they all became successful, so I think that was more my mentality.”

Santana also spoke about how incredible it was and how a huge testament it was for all of them in the Inner Circle to do what they did against MMA Stars American Top Team and Men of the Year as they were able to deliver an amazing match with guys that had no pro wrestling background and they were able to make them look good and vice versa.

This is what Santana said:

“I think it was a huge testament to all five of us in the Inner Circle that we were able to pull out this cool-ass match with guys that had no professional wrestling background.” “And the fact that we also, in doing what we were doing and making them look good, and then vice versa, we kind of like made them respect people wrestling a lot more. Because they begin to realize how much work goes into what we do. And yeah it was a very accomplishing moment where all of us looked at each other and were like ‘yeah man we made it through.’ And we got something out of it so it was pretty cool.”

You can check out Santana’s full comments in the video below:

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